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Could Your Phone System Give you an Edge in a Listing Presentation?


Written by Callum MacPherson


Callum recently graduated from the University of South Australia with a Bachelor of Journalism.

Having worked for years as a journalist, in promotions and in marketing/communications roles, he is experienced in creating content for radio broadcast, digital media and social media.  

Currently a freelance contractor, Callum published by multiple platforms around Adelaide including ‘In Daily’

Could Your Phone System Give you an Edge in a Listing Presentation?

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Telecommunications plays a crucial role in the operation of any real estate business. Of the many costs involved in running an agency, telecommunications is one of the most significant and therefore worthy of annual review.

Ensuring your business is receiving the highest quality service on the market and at the most affordable price available, can make a considerable difference to results and deserves to be carefully considered.

In the past, agencies haven’t had viable options to choose from when it comes to selecting a provider. However, in recent years the emergence of local competitive services such as Voiteck, has begun to revolutionise the landscape. Voiteck Managing Director, Declan O’Callaghan is adamant all businesses within the South Australian real estate industry now have the opportunity to dramatically cut costs and gain an edge in the marketplace just by revaluating their telecommunications systems.

“What we’re now seeing in the marketplace is a challenge to landline infrastructure. The questions to ask yourself as a business owner are, do I want to reduce my telephone costs by 50%? Do I have the functional platform that will allow me to grow into high speed internet networks like the NBN?
Lastly, have I chosen a telecommunications supplier that wants to work with me?”

Seeing an opportunity to challenge industry giants monopolising the industry such as Telstra and Optus, O’Callaghan launched Voiteck on King William Street in the Adelaide six years ago.

Since then, they’ve managed to achieve success by providing a greater depth of service, and a higher level of customer support, all at a reduced price.

 “The Australian business community has been abused by larger organisations charging too much money for telecommunications. We can walk into any business, no matter the size and halve the cost of their landline.”

“We’re still a highly profitable business even when charging our clients much less. The problem is the competition is charging too much, we’re charging the right amount.”

Voiteck’s attention to detail analytically means businesses can keep tabs on all statistics in relation to phone calls made and received by their salespeople. This adds another dimension to evaluate employee performance that hasn’t existed until now, giving employers the ability to create a model for phone related targets.

“If your best salesperson is making 100 calls a day to get 4 listings, then that’s an easy model to replicate. But do you actually have the intelligence at your finger tips to know how many phone calls that agent is making? The majority would answer no.”

“When go for listings, this service gives agents the power to actually bring out the statistics on how many telephone calls they’re taking relating to specific properties.”

The prospect of updating your telecommunications service might sound too complicated and time consuming to be worthwhile. However, O’Callaghan explains that the reality of the set up process is that it causes very little inconvenience, for an immediate reward.

“When looking at functionality, typical telephone systems just won’t do anymore.
Ours is very much user orientated, with a system setup process and delivery that’s very straight forward and can be ready to go in 24 hours.”

“We already cater to 20% of the real estate market, we know what your real estate business needs and we’ll supply it to you.”

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