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Calls for REISA President Phil Harris to step down after his company, Harris Real Estate, was joined as a co-defendant in a settlement over the #Datagate dispute with Toop&Toop, have grown across the industry and on social media.

In a case that has captivated industry members both in South Australia and from across the country, posts and comments from individuals across Facebook and LinkedIn have called for Harris to step down as the newly appointed president, elected only last Tuesday, just 3 days before details of the settlement were made public.

One of the many comments appearing on social media regarding Harris and his position as President

Toop&Toop Founder and Chairman Anthony Toop has posted publicly on social media several times since the settlement, where he has taken aim at the Harris, writing:

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‘Harris staff were instructed to spend days entering all our stolen files into Harris Data Base. Boxes of data. All bright yellow and every file clearly marked Toop&Toop were delivered to Harris’s Head Office. Staff set up for days in the open area of Harris’s office right in front of the CEO’s Office, Greg Moulton. Did it stop at the CEO? No way. In discovery, disgusting email traffic including Phil himself all getting excited and encouraging this 6 weeks of deception and theft. In full knowledge of all this. It’s simply breathtaking revelations. We uncovered so much, yet there was a real sense we were only getting started.’
Source: Linkedin, Anthony Toop

And in a subsequent post:

‘Phil Harris went in as president of REISA on Wednesday. What is happening. The world has gone mad. Theft and behavior like this is not only bad, it’s disgraceful and you don’t need contracts to understand integrity.’
Source: Linkedin, Anthony Toop

In a statement to Real Estate News Group, Toop&Toop CEO Suzannah Toop wrote:

‘REISA is the pinnacle body of real estate that sets the standards for the entire industry. If integrity, business ethics and professionalism is not upheld by those in leadership and influential positions then it is extremely concerning for our clients, our industry and its future.’

REISA did not respond to requests for comment.

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Agents Argue For Protection From ‘Unfair’ Employment Contracts

This public post from Hooper on Facebook received overwhelming support, in which she gave a public statement:

‘After a great 7 years at Toop&Toop it’s disappointing things ended in this way. It has become clear to me that our current employment contracts do not allow clients to choose who they wish to have represent them. This is something that needs to be addressed in the industry in the long term. I am so grateful for all the support of Harris Real Estate, I look forward to moving forward with clear air and doing what I do best which is looking after my clients.’

Other agents were quick to defend Hooper’s actions, arguing that a client’s relationship with their agent should transcend contract agreements between agents and their employers.

Several individuals who identified themselves as past and current clients of Hooper have jumped to her defence, saying they “would use her again.”

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