In a shock result, the case of Toop&Toop Real Estate Vs Arabella Hooper has taken a dramatic turn, seeing Hooper’s employer listed as a defendant in the case as part of a record-breaking settlement.

In a final hearing that lasted less than 10 minutes, Auxiliary Judge Clayton gave his comments on the deal saying;

“The result is one that demonstrates commercial nous from both sides.”

A record sum of $750,000 in interests and costs was agreed to by both sides in an out of court meeting, with Harris Real Estate being listed as a co-defendant as part of the deal. The settlement deal will also be made publicly available for review.

This sets the value of each piece of data taken from the Toop&Toop database at over $1,000 per contact.

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Phil Harris, who was on Tuesday this week elected as the REISA president, was not present in court, nor was Hooper.

In a post judgement statement given to Real Estate News Group, Suzannah, Genevieve, Sylvia & Anthony Toop stated:

“Today’s win is on behalf of quality real estate agencies around Australia. As Australia’s back to back #1 real estate agency (AREI Excellence Awards 2017/2018) and national ambassadors for the real estate agency, TeamToop and FamilyToop have made a stand for integrity in business.”

After the hearing, several containers of documents including past appraisals and client details, all written on Toop&Toop watermarked documents, were handed from the defence’s legal team back to Toop&Toop.

Several containers of client information sought by the Toop legal team were handed back to Toop&Toop after the hearing.

A copy of the settlement will be made publicly available soon, along with the transcript of the hearings.