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Different Herbs That Could Help with Anxiety

Being anxious is a normal emotion that everyone could feel. When you’re anxious, you’ll notice that your heartbeat is faster than the usual and you are feeling more alert. It may also be accompanied with fear depending on the situation. Anxiety is normal on certain levels. However, if it becomes excessive or the reactions are disproportionate, it turns into a problem or disorder.

Some people who have anxiety often consider herbal remedies to alleviate their condition. One of the reasons is that some medications have undesirable side-effects to the user. If you’re already taking prescription medication for anxiety, it is important to consult your doctor first before stopping it or adding a new herbal supplement to your treatment regimen. To help you get started, here are the most popular herbs that are used to help with anxiety.


Kava is a popular herb in the Pacific Islands which are commonly used as a ceremonial beverage. People there take kava as a relaxing drink to soothe stress and improve mood. Because of its effects, lava is proven to be beneficial to those people who are suffering from anxiety since it helps them feel good and more relaxed. You could try kava drinks from kava bars or make your own refreshing kava drink at home. You can buy instant kava online and experiment on different ways you want to take kava at the comfort of your home.


Cannabidiol or CBD is another popular supplement that helps with anxiety. It comes from the cannabis plant and is available in different forms to take depending on your preference. You could choose from CBD extract, tablet, cream, or even vape liquid. CBD supplements provide a calming effect on the user plus it also helps in sleep disorders, one of the common problems that come with anxiety.


Ashwagandha works to relieve anxiety by altering the body’s usual response to stress. It has its effect on the body’s systems and hormone levels, helping regulate one’s response to stressful situations that could trigger anxiety. By lowering the stress hormone cortisol, this herb helps regulate the person’s stress response making him feel generally more relaxed in dealing with those situations. Aside from regulating stress response, ashwagandha also helps in improving the sleep quality of the user.


Lavender is a flowering plant that is popular for it relaxing and calming effects. A lot of people know about the amazing benefits of lavender when it comes to alleviating anxiety and calming the nerves. There are different ways to use lavender – taken as tea, aromatherapy oil, massage oil, and as an additive to a relaxing bath. If you are feeling too anxious, lavender could provide a quick yet short-term treatment to your condition.

If you’re looking for herbal alternatives for anxiety, those 4 herbs are the most popular and proven effective to produce immediate results. People have been using herbs as natural remedies for certain conditions and they are safe and effective as well when taken the right way.

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