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Different Kinds of Synthetic Turf to Choose From

More and more homeowners are already switching to synthetic turf to beautify their yard. Synthetic grass is easier to maintain and doesn’t require much care compared to natural grass. It could look perfect all year round if you follow proper care techniques.

If you just decided to switch to synthetic turf, you might be confused on which type is best for your needs since there are a variety of options to choose from. Synthetic turf is made from different material and each of them has their own pros and cons. Know what you need and be sure to install the right one that suits your backyard to make the most of your synthetic turf.

Here are 3 of the most popular turf options for homeowners and property owners alike.


Polypropylene synthetic turf is the most affordable among all the other kinds. However, it is not that durable compared to others. Since this material can’t hold its shape well, it is not recommended to be installed on heavy traffic areas such as play spaces or the yard itself. Although it looks really aesthetically pleasing, it gets easily weakened and damaged by sunlight and extremely hot temperatures. Polypropylene turf is perfect to be installed on areas away from sunlight or at areas that simply needs turf for aesthetics.


If you’re looking for the most natural-looking synthetic grass, polyethylene turf is the best for you. It costs more than the other types but it is definitely durable compared to the others. It takes regular wear and tear better than the rest of the other turf types – whether you install it in a play area or a lawn it definitely works fine.

Polyethylene is a non-porous material; it doesn’t retain stains and odours from waste. Keep in mind that if you have this kind of turf, you need to brush it regularly and clear away the debris to maintain cleanliness and keep the blades looking stiff and upright. Pick up some turf from the best supplier of synthetic grass and make your lawn look perfect than ever.


Compared to polyethylene and other turf types, nylon is definitely the most durable one. It can keep its shape even after all the heavy footfall, intense weather and heavy weights. It is also durable against the sun making it a perfect choice for property owners who are living in sunny climates. Because it is very durable, it is not that comfortable to touch because it’s too stiff.

Synthetic turf experts don’t usually recommend nylon turf for home yards. However, this is the type of turf commonly used in golf greens or sports playing fields. It won’t get worn out easily even if people play or run around it or even if it’s fully exposed to the sun’s heat.

To help you pick the right turf, consult a synthetic turf supplier. They are experts when it comes to choosing and installation, you can be sure that your investment won’t go to waste when you find the right turf type.

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