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Different Types of Adhesive Tape
Adhesive tape is used for so many applications whether it is in your home, school, commercial settings, factories etc.

The most common tape you can find today is general adhesive tape or Scotch tape. There are different lengths and widths for adhesive tapes and the prices will vary as well when it comes to specifications, brands etc.

General adhesive tape is clear most of the time. There are, however, different varieties of this adhesive tape with different finishes such as glossy, matt, transparent, double-sided etc. There are adhesive tapes that are made of cloth or fabric. These are called cloth tapes and you can use these for medical purposes. The benefit of this material is that you can remove the cloth tape when needed. You can secure different types of bandages and dressings with cloth tape. And this comes with a property that allows it to tear easily so you can use the exact size of tape you need. These cloth tapes are hypoallergenic and breathable which makes them ideal for medical purposes. But you can also use it for other applications such as crafting where the tape can be used to bind books, sew and mark fabric.

Double sided tape is very versatile and you can find two different types under this category. One type will have the same strength of adhesive on both sides of the tape while the other will have slightly less adhesive on one side compared to the other. The latter type is used for applications where you will be changing the item pasted onto it. This can be done when hanging posters or prints on the wall. You can easily change it when you need.

Masking tape is also known as painter’s tape and it generally comes in blue colour. You can easily tear this tape to get the length you want. It is pressure sensitive so it can easily be removed without marking the paint or smudging it. Duct tape is an all-purpose tape that is very strong and it can be used for so many projects. They can be used for decorating, fixing leaks, arts and crafts projects, taping small objects to the walls etc. The possibilities are endless with this tape. It is used in many home repair projects as it is strong adhesive tape.

Electrical tape is used to insulate writing and this can be made out of different types of materials such as fibreglass, cloth, vinyl and plastic. This tape stretches well and the insulation qualities can last for a long time. These come in different colours which make it easy for electricians to colour code wires. The most common colour is black but you will also see orange, green, yellow, red, blue, white, grey etc.

You can find painter’s tape, duct tape and general adhesive tape under the category of decorative tape. You can find different colours and designs on the tape. For example, there are tapes that come with geometric designs, animal prints, stripes etc. The available designs are endless. These are great for arts and crafts projects. You can also create beautiful gift wrapping with this.