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Different Types of Skirt Styles
A skirt is a very versatile garment and there are so many variations you can find on the market.

There will be something that will catch your fancy as the style options are numerous. To know what types of skirts you prefer and which is best for your figure, it is good to have some basic knowledge of different types of skirts.

Different skirt styles can accentuate or draw attention to certain areas of the body. You have to understand your body type and figure to choose what you look best in. For example, if you want to show off your hips and waistline, an A-line skirt will be able to highlight them. These skirts are tight at the waist and it will flare out at the bottom in the shape of the letter “A”. If your figure is an hourglass or if it is apple or pear shaped, this is an ideal skirt type to show off your curves. If you are a tall woman, you can look into how an asymmetrical skirt will fit your figure. This is an elegant style of skirt and it has a bit of a dramatic element to it due to the fabrics being of different lengths. This is also called the high-low skirt. You should also know which footwear will do best with your outfit choice. For an asymmetrical skirt, high heeled boots will be a great complement.

The circle skirt makes a circle at the hem and therefore is aptly named. This is a good choice for both slim and hourglass figures. It has a tight waistline that flares out similar to an A-line skirt. You can dress it up or down based on the event you are going to. To show off your waist, you can wear a bell shaped skirt that is tight at the waist and flares. The fabric of the skirt will fall to the knees forming a bell shape. But you will need to have a heavier fabric so that the skirt keeps its shape. This is a good option for evening wear. The bustle skirt is a contemporary version of the crinolines that were worn below the dresses. They can show off a curvy figure wonderfully and you can pair it with a corset and high heeled boots to complete the look.

The gypsy skirt is a long skirt that has wrinkled horizontal layers of fabric attached to it. There are also many ruffles. It highlights the hem and it is a good casual skirt option. Some of the fabric options you will have with this skirt are silk, cotton and georgette. Flared skirts have a large flare at the hem and they are a good choice for formal events. It is a great skirt for petite girls as it can give a sense of height to the body. You can pair it with a pair of heels and a tank top. If you are looking for a casual ankle length skirt, you can look into the broomstick style. This is made of a fabric that is wrinkled along its entire length. It is a great option for a day full of activity as it allows you a wide range of motion.