EDIT: The original article incorrectly listed Shane Lowe’s start date in real estate as March 2017. Shane Lowe has worked in real estate for a number of years, employed with Raine & Horne prior to joining Purple Bricks. SA Real Estate News apologises for this error.

Overnight on Channel 7’s prime-time show House Rules, “Local Property Expert” Shane Lowe of Purple Bricks valued a home before and after the contestant’s renovation of this West Beach home, with a valuation coming in at 130% of the pre-renovation price.

Purple Bricks agent Shane Lowe Image: 7Plus

The home owned by ex-AFL star Jared Petrenko and his partner Jess, was fully renovated in just a week on a the show, but was left with lots of minor issues identified by the judges on the show, such as poor paint finishes and confusing design choices.

The West Beach home Image: 7Plus
Poorly finished paint touches Image: 7Plus

The 2 bedroom home was Jared’s “bachelor pad” before inviting his girlfriend to live with him, who refused to take up residence without a complete overhaul, which saw them join the show as contestants.

Lowe inspects the home and checks… To be honest we’re not sure what he’s checking here. Structural integrity of a sink? Image: 7Plus
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Lowe inspected the property initially providing a valuation of $570,000. When he visited the home a week later, he provided a revised figure of $730,000, 130% of the original price for the 2 bedroom home in West Beach, where the median sale price was $730,000 in 2017 for the suburb.

Lowe hands over the property valuation Image: 7Plus

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