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Efficient Ways to Make Fruits and Vegetables Last Longer

Have you ever found yourself struggling to keep those fresh produce fresh for longer and reduce your food waste? Having spoiled fruits and vegetables in the fridge is a common problem for everyone. There are times when you just bought them and they aren’t looking at their best state even just a few days have gone by.

The key to make fresh produce last fresh for a longer time is proper storage. Each fruit and vegetable have their own unique storage style to keep them fresh. Read along to help you store fresh produce better, reduce food waste, and make the most of your grocery money.


Lettuce is one of the vegetables that are tricky to store. Even when you keep them in the fridge, they could still turn soggy and wilt after a few days. If you have a lot of extra lettuce for your salad, you could still keep them fresh by placing in a container and covering with a sheet of fresh paper to absorb the moisture that makes the leaves go soggy.


Asparagus is one of the vegetables that dries out quickly. In many cases, you’ll be surprised that they have already dried out even before you had the chance to add them into your favourite dish. To keep them fresh, place the stems upright in a jar with water, just like you would do with flowers on a vase. Cover the tops with plastic before storing in the fridge.


Avocados turn brown easily when exposed to open air. This happens when the avocados are sliced or prepared into a dish. To prevent the brown discoloration, squirt some lemon or lime juice into the sliced or prepared avocado before storing it. This could preserve the avocado for at least one day and make them look fresh and appetizing even after storing in the fridge.


Berries are perfect for desserts and even for making sweet treats like pies and many more. However, when they are stored for a long time, moulds can grow on them which spoils the fruit faster. When storing any other kind of berry, be sure to put them in a vinegar wash first. Combine 1 part of vinegar with 3 parts water and soak the berries in the solution for a few minutes. Rinse it after with clean water and thoroughly dry before storing in the fridge.


Carrots can turn soggy and look dried out after a few days in the fridge. Since they do best with moisture, the low temperature in the fridge could leave them looking dried out. If you have bought whole carrots, it is best to remove the leafy part first since it absorbs the moisture left in the vegetable. After washing the carrots, you can place them in a sealed container filled with water to keep them crisp and fresh.

Being wise with storing fruits and vegetables makes them last longer inside the fridge and reduce the food being wasted in your home.

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