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Factors to Consider When Buying A Portable AC

There are numerous industries using portable AC because it is convenient, efficient and could be used depending on the demand. Some establishments are not even buying one, especially if it will only be used for a short-term period of time or only as required. Other enterprises would first start with renting units especially if the resources are limited and would just purchase one when the business started growing.

If the same situation mentioned above applies to you, you should consider renting first. This is also recommended for you to be certain about the make and model of the portable AC before you decided into investing in one. Factors you have to consider before renting one is as follows:


First, determine what is the purpose of the unit or the reason why you are renting one. Are you planning on renting one for your bedroom or any other parts of the home? Or are you planning on renting one for your business? Is it for residential or commercial purposes? You have to determine this first because it will help you decide on the other factors such as size and cost. Once you have determined the purpose, it will be easier for you to narrow down the choices.


When people look for portable AC, not only are they thinking about its portability especially if they would be hauling the unit from one location to another but also about size. If this is the case for you as well, the next factor you need to consider is the size of the unit and if it will fit in your main mode of transportation. You would not want to move the unit from one place to another and be concerned about renting or borrowing a vehicle that would fit the unit.

If you don’t need the unit to be that portable and would only keep it in one place, measure the space where you plan to keep itto make sure that it will fit. You can alsolook for a portable air conditioner hire from a respectable and trusted supplier who’s been in the industry for long. This way you would be assured that the unit they are renting out to their clients are well maintained.


Renting a portable AC unit is not as costly as buying one but it could still be pricey, depending on the make and model and the size. Determining your budget on what you could only spare for renting out a portable AC unit will not only be the cost you have to pay for. You also have to factor in energy efficiency and how much the AC unit will pony up to your monthly utility bills.

When you search for units to rent, ask how is the unit when it comes to energy use. If you don’t want your energy bill to significantly change, ask for units that could be programmed to switch off after a couple of hours or after the room is cooler.

Another factor you must not forget to consider is noise since air conditioners tend to make noise. The noise is generally minimal and you would not notice it anymore after some time but still do your research with this matter.

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