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Factors to Consider When Choosing a Nursing Home for the Elderly

Moving to a nursing home is not often planned. Many reasons such as medical conditions, inability to live alone or take care of themselves etc. can affect such a decision. To prevent this event from being badly experienced by the elderly person concerned, it is important to ask them about their will; what they want or what they do not want especially. It is better to avoid choosing accommodation only because it is the one in which there is room. Here are some parameters to take into account when the question of moving to a nursing home arises.


First of all, to choose the region, the department or even the locality in which the elderly person will reside. Bringing the senior closer to his family or keeping him in a familiar environment, would be beneficial as he or she would love the company of their family every weekend. Also, this will make it easier for family to rush in during any emergency.

The medical needs of the elderly 

An elderly person looking for a nursing home must first define with his doctor his degree of dependence. The doctor will need to communicate whether his state of health requires specific care and supervision. These homes for the elderly have the advantage of having specially trained medical staff and, constant and reinforced monitoring of patients. These establishments have medical equipment adapted to the intensive treatment of residents and also mostly have ambulances on hold for urgencies. You can ensure that the staff are qualified by checking if they have a cert iv in ageing support.

The financial means of the elderly

The types of services provided differ from one establishment to another and also as per the care-package selected. It is therefore essential, once the medical needs of an elderly person are identified, to seek accommodation corresponding to their financial means. In addition, some financial aid can be granted to seniors on condition that the chosen establishment is authorized by the State and that the means of the elderly person correspond to the allocation grid of this aid. 

Comfort and activities

It is essential to take into account the senior's preferences with regard to his daily comfort. Indeed, nursing homes can offer a variety of housing. That the elderly person wants to have a single room, collective room, a small studio or an apartment for two people; all these solutions are possible. Furthermore, the range of activities, entertainment and services offered by establishments can also play a considerable role in choosing a retirement home. The elders would like to have a spa, gym, hairdresser etc. at the home itself.


You should surely visit several homes and compare before making a decision. You can see how you are greeted, if the staff is smiling, if the establishment is clean, what is the condition of the common areas etc. Do not hesitate to ask the residents questions and see if the staff sounds professional and know what they are doing. Walk around, do your inspection of the rooms and also pay close attention to the elders already there. If they look happy, it should be a good place to be!

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