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Too Far? Or Just Unprofessional? Agent Shames Buyer At Open Online


See the post for yourself – Image below.

An unnamed agent in Adelaide’s Eastern Suburbs has shamed a buyer online who came through an open inspection & passed wind loudly.

The agent, who has only been in the industry since 2016, published the post on Saturday, and wrote the caption:

“So this guy comes to one of my opens, walks through, goes to the bedroom and drops the biggest FART!! No not a silent one but a big, massive 7 second FART! And he couldn’t stop laughing.”

Mixed Reactions

Some who commented on the original article made light of the buyer’s actions.

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He’s marking his territory. He’s your buyer.” read one comment.

Another commenter was less than impressed, pointing out the unprofessionalism of including a photo of the man in the post.

“Public shaming (and including a photo)? Really? Not a very professional look for you.”

It’s unknown if the agent sought the buyer’s permission to take the image.

Was this inappropriate? Or has bad buyer behavior gone too far? Have your say in the comments below.

The image, which was posted with the buyer’s face visible, was posted on Facebook publicly. Image: Facebook
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