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Franchise Watch: The 1-Percenters That Convinced Top Hills Agent to Change Brands


A familiar face now has a new name.

“What was the light-bulb moment that made you decide to change from working as a successful sales agent in an established hills office, and make the jump to join Ray White?”

Angus Campbell doesn’t even hesitate when we ask him this question;

“During the initial meetings with Ray White, Brett Buckley & I were shown all of the marketing resources available, and their new postcode SMS technology was cutting edge. I’d never seen this kind of tech before and it’s only a small thing, but it’s so critical to be at the forefront in our industry and Ray White is so impressive with all the 1-percenters that they just do better than any other brand.”

Business partners Angus Campbell & Brett Buckley have opened Ray White Woodside, launched on the 3rd of October in the Ray White Hub, with a swift move into their own office to follow soon.

“We’re initially starting in the Ray White Hub, with our office opening in Woodside in early December. We’ll be holding regular events after the opening, as we’re very community minded.”

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Angus has moved across from the Harcourts Adelaide Hills office, where he successfully traded as an agent under the blue banner, and is also the star of “The Real Estate Wrap” on 5MU which airs Fridays between 11am & 12noon.

As a prolific marketer, his social media presence includes some 10,000 connections on LinkedIn, 3,500 connections on Facebook, and of course his tens of thousands of listeners on 1125 5MU.

“How many people do you expect to hear about your new office on day 1?”

Campbell is almost sheepish as he laughs at this question, but he knows how many people and answers without a trace of doubt in his voice.

“50,000. And this is thanks to Ray White’s resources and seamless support helping us prepare our message and marketing campaign, what would have previously taken us weeks to prepare was ready in just a few hours.”

“I’ll be running a radio advertising campaign immediately upon launch, and we’ll be utilising our existing network through social media which is a game changer for real estate marketing. Social media is a platform we use in a different format to others, we don’t use ‘just solds’ or ‘just listed’ posts, we have creative, engaging posts that have some form of pay-off for our consumers.”

Campbell also shared some advice for other agents thinking about moving brands or starting their own office:

 “You have to have your ducks in a row, there’s no point in letting your ego lead you. Make sure your industry knowledge, skill and ability leads you. Don’t expect to be able to leave your existing firm and set the world alight immediately, you need to build your business from a cornerstone based on past success and future momentum.”

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