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Successful independent principals Emily Jaworek and Lukasz Jaworek have never struggled in their marketplace, establishing their business in a market full of much larger operators.

But they chose to undergo a complete re-brand to become Ray White Pooraka, which saw them roll-out a social media campaign attracting around 40,000 views of their office profile and launch video.

The brand change announcement video attracted over 4,500 videos alone.

Principal Lukasz Jaworek spoke openly about the transition with SA Real Estate News.

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“Our social media campaign has seen us experience a 50% rise in OFI attendees thanks to the training, systems and support provided to us which we never had as an independent. This has opened a whole new world up to us in regard to marketing our brand and office,”

“I joined the industry with the intent to keep the big franchises honest, but the problem with that is you end up cannibalising your own business, competing on commissions & it’s a constant David & Goliath scenario.”

“A big attraction for me to Ray White for us is how much they invest in systems, marketing & technology on behalf of their business owners. As an independent I was having to spend all my own earnings & limited time in reinventing the wheel, on things that are provided to Ray White franchisees.”

Jaworek says that while the technology & systems are extremely appealing, the aspect he looks forward to the most is the training and opportunities to learn from other business owners.

“Not many business owners realise that as an independent, you’re limited in your opportunities to learn from other principals. Under Ray White, you’re part of a big family and everyone is willing to help you out, give advice and a tour of their office and talk about the day to day decision making.”

“Training is also a huge factor, since every training session available to me previously was a ticketed event, to see a limited field of speakers from interstate. Under Ray White, my team and I can hear from local& national trainers for free. That’s an investment in my own business with an unlimited return on investment.”

Jaworek had a pretty simple message for other independents who hadn’t yet considered the move.

“There is defiantly strength in numbers. You don’t need to keep reinventing the wheel just to keep up with the bigger groups, you can grow your business and your commissions as part of a family, and the return on investment is sky high.”