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Getting your real estate business to the top – the essential steps


Real estate is a tough but lucrative industry – a business needs to set itself apart from the rest to succeed. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to give yourself an advantage over your rivals and to boost your chance of success.

Stay ahead of the curve

One reliable way to get an edge over the competition is to spot new trends first. That means keeping an eye on social, employment and demographic changes. The arrival of a new employer, local community changes or one area becoming more or less fashionable all strongly impact housing sales. Stay in touch with every local development and gather intelligence to put yourself in the best position to ride new trends as far as they can take you.

Cultivate referrals

When it comes to real estate, the best form of advertising is personal referrals. Potential customers have more faith in the people they know than cold calls or traditional marketing. Of course, providing a great service is the first and most important part of encouraging referrals, but there are other steps you can take. Make sure that you go out of your way to communicate well with clients and where appropriate, ask them to write a review online. Putting positive quotes and reviews into your marketing material can be extremely effective.

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Don’t underestimate blogging

When people come to you, they want to depend on your expertise. The more confident they feel that you know what you’re talking about, the more likely they are to seek out your help and become your client. A great way to illustrate your expertise is through a blog. Producing regular short articles about the local housing market, interspersed with stories about how you were able to help clients find or sell their home, can soon enable you to build up an authoritative reputation.

Make a visual impact

Being online is essential, but is your website making enough of an impact? When it comes to online material, images are more important than text, and this is particularly true in real estate. Your site should provide clear and engaging photos, and you can also try to stand out from the competition through using different angles or more inventive images than you find on traditional real estate sites.

Dabble in investments

One way to potentially boost your business is to consider investing. You can invest in Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) which don’t require a large amount of capital, and with your housing expertise, you will be in a good position to find the best investment options. To reduce your risk, you can use Contract for Difference (CFD) trading to balance your position but make sure you go for CFD brokers who get good ratings in online reviews.

Real estate will always be a competitive field, but these steps will help you get ahead of the pack and turn your business into a real estate powerhouse.