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Here’s What Everyone Was Reading: The 15 Most Popular Headlines for 2017


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2017 was a huge year for real estate headlines, and over 275,000 people visited SA Real Estate News to find out what was happening in their area!

So we’ve compiled a list of the 15 top headlines for 2017 with a super short summary for you to catch up if you’ve already forgotten what happened!

1. Harris Real Estate Acquires Well Known SA Brand

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The Harris Real Estate Group which started in 2010 bought-out the 11 year old Cocks Auld brand and moved into their King William Road office in Unley. This came after the notable acquisition of Harcourts Platinum and several other businesses in years prior

The renovation of the Unley office also received significant attention, after Phil’s wife Jennifer Harris oversaw the re-fit of the entire building.

Directors Sam & David joined the Harris sales team along with sales consultants Guy Measday and Tobi McFayden.

2. Suburbs set to boom in 2017

SA Real Estate News interviewed several prominent agents around South Australia and asked them “which suburbs are set to boom?”.

Jayne Corless from Selling SA, Bevan Bruse from Bruse Real Estate, Ryan Smith from Smith Partners and Jarrod Van Hassteren from the REAL Estate Agents Group spoke to their respective ends of town and highlighted areas popular with buyers and great sales.

3. Purplebricks Began it’s Assault on the Adelaide Market

One of the most talked about brands in real estate, Purplebricks began rolling out it’s brand in the Adelaide market in March last year.

SA Real Estate News was alerted to the news the recruitment campaign had begun when it obtained a copy of the email being distributed to established agents across the city.

We approached Purplebricks for comment at the time, we’re still yet to hear back.

4. You Can Buy This St Peters Home for $74

The Third Avenue, St Peters home purchased by BRICKX

Finntech BRICKX launched it’s first South Australian property listed under it’s fractional property investment model, and SA Real Estate News was the first news agency in Australia to cover it!

BRICKX, described as a “Property-Tech” company, allows investors to purchase a share in properties all around Australia, and share in the revenues generated by rental returns.

The company has since made plans to invest again in South Australia, and the St Peters property has “sold out” with all BRICKX now being re-sold post initial offering.

5. Ray White Unley Killed it on Social Media

Ray White Unley Principals Blake Scholz & Josh Gillespie with Personal Assistant Dani Fowler

… and they killed it on SA Real Estate News too!

SA Real Estate News approaches agents across South Australia with exceptional social media presence and ask about how the medium is used within the agent’s and agencies marketing.

Ray White Unley’s Dani Fowler told us that social media was “Very important,” to the real estate industry, saying “As of the first quarter of 2017, Facebook had 1.94 billion monthly active users, with 1.15 billion logging on every single day (Source: Facebook 5/3/17), these are huge numbers. When I wake up the first thing I do is check my emails and check social media. It has become such a huge part of every day life I think it would be silly not to tap into that as a business.”

6. $27,500,000 of Property was Sold by One Agent in 5 Months – And it Blew Minds

Brett Pilgrim and Business Partner Karlee Somerset, Ray White Adelaide Group

Ray White Adelaide Group’s Brett Pilgrim was a serial record-breaker already, and in the July – November period he sold $27,531,150 making him one of the fastest sellers in the state.

Pilgrim said technology was a key part in cutting through the market, ensuring your systems and processes were cutting-edge.

7. A Well Known Agent Passed Away – And the Whole Industry Grieved

We reported on the sad and sudden passing of Tony Panetta of Realize Properties, who had been an industry member for many years, leading a successful team in the Northern Suburbs.

8. James Packham Shared his Social Media Success Secrets

Prolific agents James Packham shared his marketing success secrets with SA Real Estate News in an interview full of fantastic take-aways. Our favourite quote was this gem:

“There are no more blind dates in real estate. A vendor’s first impressions of their prospective agent is now formed well in advance of their first face to face meeting. In today’s day and age the digital space has become first port of call for anyone researching anything, and you need to be aware and manage your online presence. Familiarity increases the speed of conversion and creates social proof.”

9. Tom Hector is a Top Agent – But You Didn’t Need us to Tell You That

Renowned for his unbeatable work ethic, epic sales results and for building an effective and successful EBU, Tom Hector spoke with SA Real Estate News about his weekly routines and his top tips for attracting new business.

10. An Exclusive Interview with a One-Armed Bricklayer

In an exclusive interview, Fastbricks Robotics’ Oliver Gray told SA Real Estate News about the revolution about to hit the property construction industry – A robotic bricklayer that can accurately load, cut, rout and place thousands of bricks in a day, completing the frame of a home in just 2 days.

The construction industry is on the cusp of massive disruption, and the Fastbricks Robotics’ Hadrian X at the very forefront of this wave of changes.

11. The New Tallest Residential Building in Adelaide Sold 70% of it’s Apartments

The $100m residential development is set to have some of the best facilities available in Adelaide, will be privately managed by the in-house concierge service, and will guarantee investors a 5% return on their investment.

12. Ross Hocking Rocked the Real Estate Scene When he Started His Career

We met with Ross Hocking, a young agent starting his sales career in real estate in 2017 who has since gone on to become one of the most well-known agents for apartment and development sales in Adelaide.

He told SA Real Estate News his short-term goal was to “establish myself in the industry,”, and we can confirm he has well and truly achieved that goal.

13. This Was South Australia’s Favourite Listing in 2017

Combining the charm of a 20th century Sea Captain’s creation with the convenience provided by recent restorations, 33-35 South Terrace Semaphore captured the hearts of our readers in our Property Spotlight category.

On the market with Penny Riggs & Sam George of Klemich Real Estate, the home was the talk of our social media account with thousands of views on Facebook.

14. Virtual Property Tours Hit the Adelaide Market for Just $50

Virtual Tours have long been reserved for only the nicest, most expensive homes, or for vendors with the largest marketing budgets. But an Adelaide based company, Augment Space is bringing the future of real estate sales to the mass-market.

Company director Ben Clarence says that the virtual tours utilise cutting-edge technology, at a fraction of the price of existing virtual tour services, and can be completed by the agent’s current photography provider.

15. Paul Whitney – Parafield Garden’s Only Agent to Call

We began offering agents the opportunity to become “The Only Agent to Call” by claiming their suburb, a very successful marketing campaign which saw Paul Whitney scrape into the top 15 headlines for 2017 when he became the first-mover in the industry to claim his suburb.

Over 10,000 local home owners have since read agent’s articles on why they love where they live, and suburbs can still be purchased through the Agent’s Shop on SA Real Estate News.