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Homemade Gift Ideas to Show Your Loved Ones How Much You Care

Haven’t received your salary yet but want to gift your special friend/family something expensive? Or do you want to pick out a gift that’s memorable and shows your love? Then homemade gifts are the ideal choice to go with. Handmade items are priceless and personal. They truly are worth more than those Gucci handbags or Prada shoes that cost you way more but are worth way less.

Here are some homemade gift ideas that would possibly be the talk among your family and friends:

What’s best to gift a foodie with? Food!

If your gift receiver is a big foodie, then what better way to celebrate that special day/ occasion than with something baked with love? If they are a fan of chocolate then you can try baking that decadent chocolate cake that you have been mastering. If they are more into savory food try out some pizzas or fried chicken. Who doesn’t love those? Whatever you make, try adding your personal touch either by decorating those baked goods on your own or replacing boring circular pepperoni with heart shaped pepperoni instead.

Is a day in the spa out of your budget? Then bring the spa home

You too feel stressed when your loved ones are stressed. Gifting them with a relaxing day in the spa may seem like the ideal gift. Sad that you cannot afford it? Don’t be! You can do a better job by bringing the spa home. Gift your loved ones easy-to-make bath bombs. You can even opt for sweet smelling bath salt gifts which are more traditional and within your budget if you struggle with making them on your own. Add in some essential oils and scented candles and enjoy a girl’s day. Who cannot love this gift?

Take them on a trip down memory lane

Take a trip down memory lane by working on a scrapbook of the memories you have collected since you met. Include some funny photos and bring up those embarrassing stories. You can even add in those funny messages you took screenshots of when you rolled over laughing. While this gift costs you nothing, it is truly meaningful and will surely bring the receiver to tears.

Earrings for that trendy loved one

We all have someone close to us that seems to never stop walking the runway with their fashionable outfits and blinding aura. Appreciate their amazing sense of fashion by working on some DIY earrings as a gift. These are super creative and can be customized to suit their style. So, head on over to that hardware store, load those YouTube tutorials and let’s get started!

Put your painting skills to use and gift them a masterpiece

If you have a knack for drawing and painting, then try creating something meaningful for your loved one. You could draw something abstract to spruce up their ordinary room or you could paint a memory that you cherished. Whatever you paint, it all depends on the person you are going to gift it to. You will surely know what to paint when that brush touches the canvas.

Love, creativity and hard work go into making homemade gift items. They are gifts that cannot be replaced and are one of a kind. If you want to show your loved ones how much they mean to you on their special day, then go with one of these ideas. It may not seem like much but it speaks volumes on how much you care.

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