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How does reaching all your clients with one phone call sound? Impossible. But this is exactly the service that Hot Drop Marketing provides.

Using a simple, intuitive process, real estate agents can give a personal edge to their marketing campaign by putting personalised messages directly into potential customers’ voicemails.

What is the process?

All that is required to claim this advantage is to log in to the Hot Drop Marketing site, record your message on your phone and enter the desired recipients’ phone numbers.

Voice messages go directly to possibly thousands of recipients’ voicemail, without even ringing.

Hot Drop Marketing is already being used by many real estate agents, including Brent Compton of Ray White City Residential in Perth. “My team and myself use Hot Drop marketing because we like to get out to all of our clients as quickly as we possibly can,” says Brent.

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“It’s especially good on those really busy days. Successful people do things even when they don’t feel like it. Hot Drop helps us do those calls that we otherwise probably wouldn’t have done.”

John Morris from the Real Estate Training College sees similar potential in the many applications of Hot Drop Marketing. “If you want to remind people about an upcoming auction or an open inspection or something like that – it’s a fantastic tool. Really, really innovative.”

Why is it so effective?

Efficiency is key in the relentless world of real estate and for Brent, the ability to speak to many clients at a time is invaluable. “It’s a fantastic product. It’s not just the quantity, it’s the quality. We can get out to our clients en mass. It’s a wonderful product and we’ll continue to use it.”

On the customer’s end, this service is just as fantastic. Rather than taking a call at a possibly inconvenient time, this approach allows a potential customer to learn about your services in their own time – sitting back and just listening to an agent’s personal message.

This personal touch is essential – people are likely to listen to your voicemail and likely to be affected by it, as John attests. “If you’re looking for a campaign that you want to get a message out to a lot of people, but you want to make it that little bit more personal with a voicemail, then this is the tool for you … Please, call Annette about this and she’ll tell you all of the benefits that this can bring to you.”

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