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How Did This Agency Become A Local Shopping Icon?



Written by Joe Schawb

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How Did This Agency Become A Local Shopping Icon?

Marketing ideas can come in all shapes and sizes and Taplin Real Estate have found a winner that has helped spread their brand throughout their local Glenelg area.

The Real Estate business that is based in Glenelg made the move two years ago to market their brand using reusable shopping bags.

Taplin Real Estate company director Andrew Taplin says the idea came about with the aim to do something a bit different.

“We were initially looking for a unique way to market our brand.”

Image: Local shoppers are frequently seen promoting the Taplin brand simply by doing their weekly shop.

Once the idea of a reusable shopping bag was decided on, Mr Taplin said that the process then moved on to making sure their brand was going to be associated with a quality product.

“We wanted to create something that would survive long term and would be environmentally friendly.”

“Once we came up with the idea we wanted to make sure that we put together a product that was really durable and would survive long term for people.”

While it has been great for the company, Mr Taplin also said that it has been a perfect chance for his business to give back to the community.

“I would have to say that it has helped business in the sense that it has gotten our logo out into the community and it familiarises people with our company name and logo.”

“It has also become a great way for us to give back to the community with something that can be helpful for them.”

“So far over the two years I haven’t heard anything bad said about the bags so I think we achieved our goal.”

Originally placed in a stand in a shopping mall in Glenelg, Taplin Real Estate then began giving the bags out to local specialty shops for free.

This has seen the bags become a frequent sight in the Glenelg area, and Mr Taplin says that the free bags are also a popular item in Taplin Real Estate’s office.

“We also have a stand in our office with the bags and it’s amazing how often people come in to say hello and will grab one of the bags for free.”