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How the “PA to the Real Estate Stars” can work for you


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The “PA to the Real Estate Stars”, Karen Stevens has opened up her own business, offering her services to every agent in South Australia…

There’s something you should know about Karen Stevens, founder of KSediting.

She’s a text fiend. Tragically spellbound by the sound and delivery of words. Words that convey a message, that tell a story; alluring readers into a cavernous curiosity of the topic du jour.

That topic? Property and people. Passionately entrenched in the real estate industry for the past ten years, she’s flown the corporate coop to venture forward into freelance writing.


Karen Stevens
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With her newly found freedom she is amped to share her skills and services to the real estate world. Scriptwriting, editorials, ad writing or polishing your personal profiles. She’s THAT girl.

Adelaide born and bred, Karen is fluent in metropolitan suburbia from Hallett Cove to Henley Beach, Beaumont to Brahma Lodge and beyond. She’s in the know about strict word counts on web portals, familiar with marketing material and brochures, proficient in office procedures and property jargon.

Her credentials to date have served agencies such as Harris Real Estate, Gary J Smith and Harcourts.

This is where you come in.

It is imperative to send a clear message to your clients. One that captivates their curiosity, sparks intrigue and delivers them to the door of your open inspections or to your office with agency agreement in hand.

If you have doubts about your property descriptions or marketing material (let’s be honest, it eats away at your negotiating timetable) outsource it.

Entrust it to someone who lives and breathes professional prose for the precise purpose of building an audience. Your audience. Your new clients.

You have my word.

Karen Stevens

Freelance Real Estate Writer


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