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How to Choose a Good Compounding Pharmacy?
Will a compounding pharmacy help you with your medication needs? How do you find the right one? And what are the factors you need to look for before choosing a pharmacy for you?

Although compounding pharmacies have been popular for a while, if you have not visited one before, you may have at least one of the above questions. But don’t worry, to find the answers for them, read below.

What Is a Compounding Pharmacy?

These are pharmacies that personalize or individualize medications to meet the patients’ needs. Instead of commercialized medications and selling pills, tablets, creams etc., these pharmacies create special medications by mixing and altering ingredients to meet prescriptions.

Apart from this, you can also consult compounding pharmacies to get answers for various questions and doubts about your prescriptions. For example, if you want to know about side effects of a certain medication, ingredients and how to avoid allergies, and even about the dose, these pharmacists can help you.

When to Choose Compounding

You can choose compounding pharmacies for various reasons. For example, if you are worried about allergic reactions to the ingredients in a commercial medication or if you want pills of a different size or taste. You can go to a compounding pharmacy. But there are other reasons to opt for these pharmacies too.

Some of them include, wanting lesser number of tablets for children or elderly family members, get a personalized ingredients or dosage are some of those. Since compounding pharmacies will mix ingredients and medications together for you instead of giving you different types of standard tablets or pills, there is better chance at meeting the exact needs of the patient.

How to Find a Pharmacy?

The easiest first step of this is to googling for ‘compounding chemist near me’. But after that, you might have to put in more research to find a good place. You will find many results, but the trick is to find a good place. A good place to start is looking for referrals. Or, once you are done with your online search and listed down a couple of places, you can ask from one of their previous customers.

An important step when choosing a pharmacy is to look for accreditation. An accredited pharmacy is a place that follows the right medical protocols and standards so there is no risk at visiting such as place. It is also important to pay attention to the pharmaceutical training of the pharmacists. Learn about their qualifications, whether they have received compounding training and certification. Talk to former customers, read reviews and talk to the pharmacists to know more about the ingredients they use and their quality.

The last but not the least factor to pay attention to is batch testing. Once the pharmacists have compounded your prescription, it is necessary for them to batch test the compound to check for safety. This is done in two ways; either in-house batch test or with an external batch testing agency. The testing is a necessary, rigorous part. So, when you are looking for a pharmacy and getting your medication, make sure the pharmacists do not skip this step.

Once you know all about compounding pharmacy, now you are ready to choose the right place. A pharmacy is not something you can choose lightly since you are dealing with something related to your health. So never chose one with limited knowledge.

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