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How to Determine If A Recruitment Agency Is Legit

There are numerous ways that untrustworthy people swindle and trick others to their benefits. One of those ways is by posting illegitimate job postings which is why companies and applicants became wary of recruitment agencies even if there are numerous advantages to using their services.

If you are a lawyer trying to find a law firm to employ you or you are a firm trying to find lawyers with varied specializations, you’d be happy to know that there are legal agencies that connect lawyers to firms. Unfortunately, they are also targeted by scammers, although you must not lose hope since there is legitimate recruitment agencies that could help you land your dream job or find that perfect candidate. With that said, follow the below tips and tricks to ensure that the agency you are dealing with is legit.

Do your research

A legitimate recruitment agency would have a professional and functional website. Scammers are now aware that people are doing their research and one of the ways they do that is by checking the company’s website. If you see that the website is done haphazardly, chances are the scammers just published it for a front or to only satisfy the people who would check. If there are numerous broken links, and if most of the photos used are stock photos, consider that a red flag.

If it’s too good to be true, it probably is

When your gut says it’s too good to be true, don’t ignore it. It would not hurt to double check. If you receive a job offer from a recruitment agency, read the whole thing. You might be surprised on how clever the scammers can be. Once you receive a job offer, take it with a grain of salt but don’t be suspicious of everything or everyone. You can find a legitimate Melbourne-based legal recruitment agency that would help legal professionals find companies and establishments looking to hire.

Don’t share any personal information off the bat

Perhaps one of the shared traits scammers have is that they are not patient or that they are thinking the longer you talk to them, the easier would it be for you to see through their façade so they are hurrying to get from you what they need. If a recruitment agency started asking you for personal information off the bat, walk away.

Legitimate recruitment agencies would only ask for your credentials and personal information once you are already hired by their clients. They would have no use for your bank details since it’s their client who would pay you for your salary. Unless the client would want the recruitment agency to process everything with regards to your hiring, a legitimate recruitment agency would not ask for your bank details at the beginning of the hiring process.

Another thing you could do to ensure the legitimacy of the recruitment agency is to check scam lists. If the fake agency’s been at it for a long time, chances are there will be posts about them in the internet from past victims warning other potential would-be targets.

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