Home National News Introducing HashChing – an online marketplace for home loan deals

Introducing HashChing – an online marketplace for home loan deals


Say hello to the Australian FinTech startup that is quietly revolutionising the way in which consumers can get a home loan.

Based in the heart of Sydney, HashChing is Australia’s first online home loans marketplace for broker-negotiated home loan deals. HashChing eliminates the stress of finding the best rates for a home loan by connecting consumers directly to mortgage brokers to negotiate rates completely free of charge. This results in more choice and a much smoother experience for the consumer by saving time and money, without the hassle.

The Beginning

HashChing was co-founded by friends Mandeep Sodhi and Atul Narang in 2014 after a funny turn of events. Mandeep, working in the financial sector with Westpac at the time, bragged to Atul about securing an excellent home loan rate thanks to his staff discount, only for Atul to turn around and proclaim that he had found a better one through a mortgage broker. And with that, the pair realized there was potential to make interest rates available to the public via an online marketplace.


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All mortgage brokers are verified and rated through the website Artificial Intelligence Algorithm, selecting the brokers who offer the best services and then recommending them to borrowers in their area. Similar companies that had paved the way before HashChing had simply listed rates to the consumer through the bank or lender’s website. Where the company differs from its predecessors, is that deals are listed through the broker and the entire process is achieved through the HashChing platform from start to finish.

Home loan rates on HashChing start from 3.59% p.a. and consumers can browse through the home loan deals page to see what offers are available. Click here to access weekly home loan deals.

Currently the company has helped over 14,500 borrowers with their home loan enquiries, all worth more than $7 billion dollars combined. Of which, $6 billion has come in the last 12 months alone, and the company also currently lists more than 600 verified mortgage brokers – including 30 mortgage brokers from SA.

Future plans

Over the next 12 months HashChing plans to expand the business even further with targets such as attaining 1,000 active mortgage brokers on the platform, and $20 billion worth of home loan applications by January 2018.

Mandeep and Atul told SA Real Estates News through a spokesperson that Hashching were looking to spread their wings, including home insurance as an area of expertise for the company through partnership with insurance giant CGU.

“Saving money for our customers is at the heart of our business, and now that we’ve conquered the process of offering the best home loan deals on the market, securing a great deal on home insurance – which is mandatory for property purchases – is our next target,” said Mandeep Sodhi.

“We’re always looking for ways to make the home loan process smoother and more efficient, and by offering a great discount from well-respected insurance provider CGU Insurance, we’re eliminating another hassle while making a home loan settlement even easier for our customers.”

So if you are looking to get the best home loan deal, get in touch by easily filling out a loan enquiry form available on our website. From there, a mortgage broker will be in touch with you as soon as possible. You can contact an expert today by clicking here.