We’ve searched for the best real estate titles for you to choose from, here’s our list of top books to buy if you’re looking into real estate either as a first time or veteran investor…

1. The ABCs of Real Estate Investing – Best for beginners

If you are completely new to the world of real estate investment, then The ABCs of Real Estate Investing is probably the best place for you to start learning.

One of the highest rated books for beginners on the market, Ken McElroy has written a starter’s guide in conjunction with the renowned Robert Kiyosaki.

– Puts real estate investment into extremely basic concepts and doesn’t try to push your understanding.
– Helps guide you through the entire process from property research, to negotiation and how to manage the property afterwards.
– Geared towards investors looking to own a large portfolio of properties over time

– If you are an experienced property purchaser this book will not be of use to you, given the basic nature of the topics covered.
– A reasonably short read at only 220 pages, the book does lack some more specific detail
– Lacks detail on financial specifics of investing

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Kindle – $8.46
Paperback – $10.32
Audiobook – $14.95

2. The Millionaire Real Estate Investor – An excellent all-rounder

Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year, Gary Keller is a renowned and recognised expert in real estate, having worked as an agent, a sales manager and working his way up to board member of the USA’s largest realty group, Keller Williams Realty. He is one of the most influential leaders in the real estate industry, and has now written several top-selling books on buying investment properties and your owning your own home.

The Millionaire Real Estate Investor looks at using models to identify real estate opportunities. With more focus on the individual’s financial management then most other texts available, this book suits investors with an established portfolio of property well.

– Gary Keller certainly knows his stuff, his experience from all perspectives of the industry gives him a great well-rounded edge for approaching real estate investment.
– If you love “crunching numbers”, this book certainly gives plenty to work with in the creation of models to follow
– The book also helps to allay investor’s fears about taking the leap, giving plenty of insight into real-world investors and the situations they faced to draw comparison

– The book’s financial focus can put-off some readers who are looking simply for a “how-to” guide. Keller’s focus on numbers comes from his business background and his models are the keystone to his mindset of profitability
– Given Kellor’s background, the text is set entirely in investing in property in the USA, and some of the terminology would be unfamiliar to international readers
– Certainly the most technical book in this list, possibly too much for first-time investors however this certainly deserves a place on your “to read” list.


Kindle – $9.93
Paperback – $13.86
Audiobook – $14.95

3. The Book on Negotiating Real Estate – Best reading for agents!

Written specifically with real estate agents in mind, this text looks at negotiation exclusively from the property market perspective.

The book draws on psychology, strategies to build leverage, scripts and dialogues to overcome objections and even how to deal with buyer’s agents.

Negotiating Real Estate heavily relies on real world scenarios to give relevant advice rather than purely hypothetical.

If you really want to call yourself the best negotiator in your area, we highly recommend this text to learn from some of the best outcomes ever negotiated.

– Written specifically for agents, however property buyers will love the tips the book gives and will help you identify when agents are employing those strategies against you.
– The laser-focus on one particular aspect of the entire real estate transaction means the authors could explore this particular facet in-depth, rather than glossing-over this pivotal part of the deal as many books so often do.
– Draws on science rather than anecdotal evidence to help readers, giving this book a big tick of approval from our analytical friends!

– Focused entirely on the deal-making perspective of the transaction, the book does little to discuss the overall real estate transaction, and therefore not a great book for beginners.
– The writers do assume that the reader has some experience in purchasing property, and therefore gives little in the way of explanation of many of the terminology involved.
– The text moves between the point of view of the buyer and seller, so half of the content may not be 100% applicable to the reader.


Kindle – $8.11
Paperback – $16.16

4. The Real Book of Real Estate – Robert Kiyosaki. Need we say more?

Arguably one of the most recognisable names in the investing world, Robert has written a text that focuses entirely on real estate investing featuring several of his real estate advisors.

The Real Book of Real Estate moves away from the broad over-view approach of his bestseller Rich Dad Poor Dad and focuses entirely on real estate.

Robert has approached experts in their fields from all parts of the real estate transaction to gather their advice into a single text. With an excellent level of detail into each of the steps of real estate investment, this book is an excellent guide for beginners, and contains insights for experienced investors with no professional training.

– Written by one of the world’s most successful investment authors, he has focused his efforts on real estate investment in this text to give a better understanding to beginners.
– A solid all-round approach which gives a nod to the financial detail specifics of investing, built on a solid foundation of value-investing.
– Many readers have carried this book around with them as a “when you need it guide” to help them at any stage of the transaction. Excellent re-readability!

– If you have read any of Kiyosaki’s texts previously, you will find much of this text is a reiteration of his earlier teachings. We’d suggest finding another text on this list to buy.
– Lacks in-depth analysis of the financial aspect of investing
– Assumes the reader has cash in the bank and “ready to go!” with a deposit cheque in-hand.


Paperback – $11.65
Audiobook – $14.95

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