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Local agent and mayor deny rumour that Prince Harry is moving to SA


The mayor of Wattle Range and local property agents have denied a rumour that Prince Harry and his girlfriend Meghan Markel are looking to buy a property in South Australia.

ABC News reports that the rumour stemmed from an article in the June edition of gossip magazine New Idea titled “Harry and Meghan’s Big Aussie Announcement.”

According to New Idea, the royal couple are looking for privacy and believe that a $5 million 627-hectare cattle and sheep farming property in Wattle Range will be just the place to enjoy the quiet life.

However, the online and print versions of the article seem to differ on where exactly the prince would like to live.

In the online version, New Idea claims that Prince Harry is looking to buy property in both UK and Australia. There is also mention of the prince meeting with a real estate broker in Sydney but nothing about SA.

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Peter Gandolfi, the Mayor of Wattle Range Council, has flat out denied the rumour.

“No, I haven’t had any calls from Kensington Palace,” Gandolfi told ABC News. “But of course, we would welcome any royal investments in Wattle Range Council.”

Gandolfi tracked down the magazine in question at the local library and had a good laugh about the article.

“After I got off the floor in tears of laughter, my impression was I think the story lacked credibility,” he said.

Greg Schubert, who is handling the sale of the property, chose not to mince words telling the ABC the rumour was “bullshit”.

According to the listing, the property is located 27 kilometres from Millicent and includes a 4-bedroom home, shearing sheds, cattle and sheep yards, and several sheds.