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How to manage the greatest risks in purchasing property – with Conveyancing Matters


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A property purchase is an exciting process for the buyer, as they choose the soil in which to root their lives, navigate from one bough to another, or add to their orchard of properties. However, in doing so, a buyer runs the risk of grabbing a branch which will not support their weight, or hazarding barren soil in which they cannot flourish.

The caveat emptor principle, let the buyer beware, is ever-applicable – there is no shortage of risks for a buyer to be wary of, and the purchase of a home is for many the most important investment they will ever make.

Building Inspectors and Certificates

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Conveyancing Matters provides conveyancing services, and can aid in avoiding these hazards every step of the way. Most immediately, a building inspector can be engaged to ensure the integrity of the home. The possibility of attaining building certificates can be discerned, and if feasible, they can be obtained and inspected.

These steps will expose any immediate flaws in the structure of the building, but what of more insidious issues, such as fraud or forgery? An unconscionable seller can leave a buyer in a dire situation, legal recourse often complicated and expensive. A breach of covenant will attract similar legal trouble, while defects of survey, planning or title are by their nature unpredictable.

Title Insurance

To safeguard against such matters that building inspectors and titles cannot expose, Conveyancing Matters suggests Title Insurance, a one-off premium buying protection against risks both known and unknown. Conveyancing Matters will aid a prospective buyer in obtaining this insurance and the best deal available.

Between these protections, a buyer can be assured their property is structurally sound, and they are protected from a broad range of possible calamities.

Conveyancing Matters provide assistance for every step of the buying and selling process, safeguarding against possible pitfalls and delivering the best result for the client. Their services are invaluable, resulting in the most economic outcome and peace of mind for the buyer embarking on what may be the most meaningful and exciting purchase they make. Their advice on Risk Management can be found here, and their main site is available here.