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Must-Have Macramé Supplies for Starters

Handcrafting is one of the most popular hobbies these days especially for those who are looking for something productive to spend their free time. Aside from being relaxing and calming, you could also enjoy a beautiful end product when you’re done with your handcrafting project. There are plenty of techniques to do handcrafted items – from crochet, weaving, decoupage, tatting, macramé, and many more.

Macramé is one of the hobbies that are gaining popularity these days. It is easy to learn with all of the available materials online and even on local craft shops. If you’re planning to start learning macramé, you should have all the essential supplies first. Here are the must-have macramé supplies you should have at hand to make your macramé journey easier.

Macramé Cord

The macramé cord is the most basic supply you’ll need. Without it, there will be no finished item done. There are different kinds of macramé cord and the choice depends on the type of project you’re planning to make. Thicker cords are sturdier and stronger while thinner ones are good for delicate artworks. For quality macramé cotton rope Australia has one of the best suppliers you could trust.

Measuring Tape

You’ll need to measure the cord when creating your macramé projects. Having the correct cord length is essential to make your projects perfect and successful. Although there are plenty of measuring tools available, a measuring tape makes this job a lot easier and convenient. It is versatile and could bend with the cord while you’re measuring.

Fringe Comb

If you need to make the ends of your macramé piece fluffy, the easiest way to do this is by using a fringe comb. Choose a sturdy one so it just goes smoothly through the fringe and detangle the knots more efficiently.

Cord Dispenser

Keeping your crafting space neat and tidy is important. You could move around freely as you do your projects plus you could easily find things that you need unlike when you have a cluttered area. Keep your macramé cords looking neat and organized by placing them in a cord dispenser. Now you can measure and cut cord without tangling them up or rolling the spool of cord everywhere.

Macramé Rack

There are some projects that you need to work on while they are hung up such as wall tapestries and bags. To do this conveniently, a macramé rack does the trick. You can create your own with a clothing rack or a wall hook and hang your project there as you complete it.

Board and Pins

If you’re working on smaller projects such as jewelleries, a small working board and pins would definitely make your work easier. You can pin some parts of your project on the board as you complete it for better control on the cords.

Macramé is a great hobby to learn. Aside from having a lot of resources for beginners, the supplies you need aren’t that complicated to find as well.