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The New Agents to Watch – Ross Hocking Jr


Bringing you the top new agents to watch in South Australia.

We talk to them about what attracted them to the industry and their experience in real estate so far, including their career goals and about their mentors.


Ross Hocking Jr

“My biggest deal to date ?? Just sold this beauty in Unley Park for $2.1M off market within 30 days.. There is nothing more important than understanding what your clients truly need ?”
What brought you in to the industry?
I got into real estate through recommendation from a family friend who is actually in the industry herself. What has kept me in the industry is the diversity, flexibility and the huge potential that there is going to be for younger agents looking 5-10 years ahead. Adelaide’s growing and I can’t wait to grow with it.
What did you do before real estate?
I was studying at Adelaide University and working casually right up until I started working full-time.
What is one piece of valuable advice one of your mentors has given you?
The saying “…it’s hard to see the big picture when you’re in the framework” resonates strongly with me and this advice I guess, suggests not to always do business in the here and now, but rather in the best interest of future you whether that’s in 1, 2 or 10 years from now.
What area of real estate are you focusing on?
Lately, I have been focusing on developments and projects as a result of my office’s recent engagement to help sell apartments in Realm Adelaide; a $200M project in the Adelaide CBD.
What training organisation did you get your license from?
The Real Estate Institute of South Australia (REISA). Shoutout to Paul Edwards for helping me keep my goals and ambitions alive.
Are you currently doing any training?
Yes, I do weekly specialised training sessions with JW Coaching.
What are your career goals?
In the short term, my goals include establishing myself in the industry. Medium term, ensuring all my clients are raving fans and that I am the best version of myself at all times. Long term, my goals include being able to mentor and help other’s around me grow – whether that be in a salesperson position or not, I’m not quite sure yet!

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