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New census data: Real estate industry doing large amount of overtime


Figures released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) on Monday show that Australians in the Real Estate industry are in the top five for overtime hours worked per week.

The data is part of the staggered release of insights from the 2016 Census.

Australians working in mining led the pack, with almost 50% of workers doing overtime, defined as over 49 hours a week.

Employees of the Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing industries came in second, with 35% of workers reporting overtime.

Next was Construction and then Transport, Postal and Warehousing which had roughly a quarter of workers going over 49 hours.

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The Rental, Hiring and Real Estate industry came in fifth, with 20% of workers reporting they worked overtime.

The bottom five industries for overtime hours were Public Administration and Safety, Accommodation and Food Services, Administrative Support and Services, Retail Trade and Health Care and Social Assistance, in which between 8% and 11% of workers reported overtime.

Only 8% of Health Care and Social Assistance workers reported doing overtime, the least in Australia.

The data also showed that 34.6% of Australians are doing part-time work, up around 2% from five years ago.

Source: The Sydney Morning Herald / ABS