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NSW rental laws allow extremely racist ads


“1 Asian girl to fill my space from now”, an ad reads. “I will only consider a MUSLIM,” says another.

It may not seem possible in 2018, but these ads and ones like them are popping up across online classified sites for share houses in Sydney.

The ads are apparently exploiting a loophole in New South Wales rental laws.

The NSW Anti-Discrimination Board told News Corp that the ads are permissible because they were posted by tenants seeking housemates, rather than by landlords or rental agencies.

Real estate agents and landlords cannot discriminate against those seeking a property based on a whole host of traits including race, sex and sexual orientation.

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If the person or a “near relative” lives at the property and takes out a private ad, those laws don’t apply.

Although the ads are clearly discriminatory, they are not breaking NSW law.

In South Australia, such ads are likely to be illegal in accordance with SA’s Equal Opportunity Act 1984.

“Equal opportunity law makes it unlawful to publish advertisements that indicate an intention to discriminate,” writes the Government of South Australia.

Source: News Corp/The Government of South Australia