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Privacy Policy

SA Real Estate News is a trusted news source for the South Australian real estate industry and the general public.

As such, we respect the privacy and the rights of our readers.

We use Google Analytics to monitor site traffic to ensure that we appropriately supply enough bandwith to the site in order to prevent a crash in times of high traffic.

Our advertisers are bound by a set of strict advertising guidelines and advertising agreements, which protect the rights of our readers.

Your personal information collected in survey forms or “cookies” is not sold to third parties, and you should not expect to ever hear from them directly due to a survey form (unless explicitly stated that the form is used for that purpose).

If you deem any advertising content on the site inappropriate, rude, offensive, misleading or deceptive, you can contact us using any of the feedback forms around the site or by email at advertising@sarealestatenews.com.au and we will respond promptly.