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Property Spotlight – 145 Belair Road, Torrens Park


The transition from place of worship to place of residence is not an obvious one, but 145 Belair Road shows the viability of such a renovation.

This grand building was constructed in the 1930s, and held many a congregation of the local community whilst operating as a church. In 1962, extensions were conducted on the building, and in the early 2000s its transition begun in earnest.

In times past, the visitors to the property were devotees of Christian practices. In these times of renovation, those visiting were devotees of unique and functional design, the application of which pays dividends here. 145 Belair Road has now been fully realised as a luxurious, functional home.

Where the renovators could have taken the step of segregating the different areas of the house, they have instead chosen to wholly embrace the concept of open-plan living. Spread across ground and mezzanine levels – connected by a lavish spiral staircase – are three bedrooms, one a 90 square metre master bedroom, two bathrooms, and three separate living areas.

Amid all this domestic luxury, the historical aspects of this property might have been overshadowed, were they any less overt. Huge, solid cedar doors, leadlight windows, the 85-year-old jarrah floor boards, and a barrel ceiling which stretches six metres high, are all prominent reminders of its reverent past.

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The exterior areas provide many opportunities for leisure and social activities. A solar-heated, tiled saltwater pool features, surrounded by a timber deck area. If an owner wishes to enjoy the fresh air but not brave the salt water, they have a choice between an undercover entertaining area and private courtyard garden.

The grandeur of this home elevates it, if not to literal heavenly heights, then certainly into the echelon of truly spectacular renovation successes. 145 Belair Road is not a property to be missed.

The property is currently on sale for $1.25 to $1.3 million and is being represented by Daniel Harris, of Ouwens Casserly Real Estate.

Images and floor plan can be viewed here.