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Property Spotlight – 197 Childers Street, North Adelaide



197 Childers Street is impressive even before any of its physical excellence in design and function is considered – its many accolades render it exceptional on paper long before a prospective owner lays eyes on it, though then their admiration will be increased tenfold.

This home sits on one of the largest lots in North Adelaide, and is one of the first homes constructed in Adelaide. It was built in 1880 and owned for over 40 years by Stobie family, namesake of the Stobie pole. These historical and spatial features are only the tip of this luxurious iceberg.

The historical foundations of the home are as solid as the owners’ creation, the Stobie pole, but are considerably more conducive to stylish extension. The original bluestone facade is framed by white masonry, creating a bold yet inviting first impression, which the interior fully lives up to.

The aforementioned size of 197 Childers Street, stretching across over 1500 square metres, provides a great many possibilities, many of which previous owners have capitalised on.

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The sheer volume of rooms within this house would be impressive even without the lavish furnishings and historical ceiling roses, by virtue of the many possibilities they allow for. Each of these rooms is tall and spacious – 14-foot ceilings a happy historical remainder throughout the house.

Not content with the restriction of two planes on which to fit rooms, previous owners extended the property vertically in 2010, resulting in six to eight bedrooms, four bathrooms, two casual living areas and a large kitchen featuring granite and timber cabinetry.

The size of this lot allows for exterior possibilities as well, many of which have been fulfilled to allow for leisure and entertainment – tennis court, pool, kids’ playground, BBQ and pizza oven each contribute to a stunning, functional and enjoyable outside area.

197 Childers Street compels an owner to relax and enjoy its splendour, and its self-sufficiency ensures that they do so for as long as they wish. Well, aquifer, underground tanks and solar panels – with sufficient roof-space to add many more – all contribute to the independence of this property.

The sheer size of 197 Childers Street allows it to indulge every convenience, and extravagance, that the marriage of historical excellence and modern luxury allows, resulting in a grand, functional, must-have home.

The property is currently on sale for $2.6 million, and is being represented by Kris Casey and Laura Prest of Harris Real Estate.

Images and floor plan can be viewed here.