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Property Spotlight – 3 Surrey Crescent, Lower Mitcham


Property Spotlight – 3 Surrey Crescent, Lower Mitcham

3 Surrey Crescent represents the perfect blend of historical and modern elements. The home has all the grandeur of traditional architecture, whilst allowing for the convenience, seamlessness and dynamism of modern living. It melds the two inside and out, and between these facets is sure to satisfy any owner.

The exterior is an enchanting amalgam of traditional architecture and style – gothic windows are framed by bold bluestone arches, amid a fantastic contrast of rugged stone and pure white quoin work. Verandahs wrought with intricate cast-iron lacework feature tasteful tessellated tiles and provide an excellent spot from which to relax and survey the street.

Inside, the elements of the past are no less pronounced. Ornamental ceilings, grand marble fireplaces, and original architectural joinery are reminders of the archaic history of the building. The rooms are huge, wide and tall, the space allowing for these traditional elements to sit comfortably alongside whatever modernities the owner desires.

It is all well and good to romanticise historical features, but it is a rare owner who would accept this in lieu of modern conveniences. Thankfully, a recent extension imbues the home with the latter, these grand rooms filled with contemporary touches and appliances.

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The six possible bedrooms are all given a soft, tasteful modern decor, the master suite containing a walk-in robe and ensuite with every convenience an owner could name. Each of the three bathrooms follows suit.

An extension in the form of a huge, luxury open-plan living area is the apex of this modernity. A state-of-the-art kitchen contains a stone-topped island bench, Miele appliances and expansive cabinetry, connecting to two spacious and stylish sitting areas.

These areas blend seamlessly with the exteriors, allowing for exciting dynamism. When relaxing in this area, an owner is only a dozen steps from competition on the tennis court, or soothing laps in the swimming pool.

The only negative aspect of 3 Surrey Crescent is that an owner will have one less topic of conversation available to them, complaining about their home becoming near impossible.

This property is currently on sale for $2.2 to $2.4 million, and is being represented by Lew Toop of Toop & Toop Real Estate.

Images and floor plan can be viewed here.