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Property Spotlight – 33 High Street, Burnside


33 High Street, located in the prime suburb of Burnside, is not a property which could be described as modest. Nor is this a description it aspires to. The mansion is immaculately opulent in design and actuality, to an extent that very few properties can match.

An almost ridiculously grand exterior sets the tone, mixing rustic charm with modern precision and functionality with its wide, striking balconies. Inside, a prospective owner will find spacious rooms with chandeliers on the ceilings, open fireplaces against the walls, and every piece of modern convenience that could be wished for.

The home has been recognised with State Heritage status, which is thoroughly earned. Constructed in 1883, 33 High Street has served as both the home and project of several recognisable names and undergone significant changes.

One such name is Lionel Logue, a famous speech therapist who treated the stutter of King George VI, as depicted in the film The King’s Speech. Lionel lived in this mansion when it was functioning as Burnside Hotel, which eventually became a bedset for students with no such royal connections. In more recent times, it has been returned to its former splendour.

The design of this home represents the convergence of numerous talented minds. David Cheney, the late prestige builder and perfectionist, lent his prowess to the gardens of the mansion, while acclaimed architect Geoff Redin designed an extensive restoration of the home. The fruits of their labour are self-evident.

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Formal and informal rooms alike are arranged with style and care. A versatile studio-retreat is functional both as a living and working space, while a self-contained guesthouse renders the unlikely incidence of overcrowding resolutely void.

The mansion is located within 5 km of the city and is in close proximity to both Burnside primary school and several prestigious senior schools. These elements heighten the functionality of an already well-integrated home.

The numerical aspects of this property are no less impressive. It boasts seven bedrooms, five bathrooms, five living areas and three garage spaces. A number of families could live in 33 High Street at once without any decline in comfort.

33 High Street is currently on sale for $2.495 million and is being represented by Lachlan Turner of Turner Real Estate.

Images and floor plan can be viewed here.