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Property Spotlight – 33 Kingston Terrace, North Adelaide


What appears at first glance to be an attractive but humble home does, in fact, encompass far more than what a cursory glance would suggest – 33 Kingston Terrace is extensive in its history, the views it affords, the alterations its owners have made, and even its verticality.

The crisp white interiors are spacious, functional, and well-styled, hardwood flooring providing a pleasing contrast. Filling these spaces are four bedrooms, one of which is a master bedroom with ensuite attached, two bathrooms, a formal dining area and family room.

The exterior is similarly splendid, with displays both public and private – from the street, the immaculate front can be admired, while a vibrant garden thrives out the back.

The groundwork for this excellence was established in 1878 by original owner George Murray. Between the years of 1898 and 1904, Peter Martin – a businessman of the cordial industry and manager of the Import Company of Australasia – owned and further developed the land. Since this time, the property has seen many modern amendments but remains a prime candidate for further refurbishment.

This property’s virtues extend into the subterranean as well, an extensive cellar network worming its way through the earth beneath the home. They represent a ripe opportunity, to be remodeled, furnished and shaped into whatever the owner desires – be it storage, a living area, or a working space.

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A resident would need to venture upstairs, however, to take in the extended, uninterrupted views of the Parklands. Emerald grassland extends towards tall, pale treelines, through which the sun will spill strikingly each evening.

The location is not just aesthetic – 33 Kingston Terrace provides excellent proximity to Adelaide Oval, the CBD, and excellent schools for family-oriented buyers.

All the practical considerations of this home only complement its more unique aspects. Just as the cellar system of 33 Kingston Street stretches beneath it, so do its historical roots, anchoring it in significance.

In conjunction with the striking views the home affords, it becomes a terrific opportunity for a prospective buyer and not one to be missed.

The property is currently on sale for $1.3 million and is being represented by Andrew Fox of Fox Real Estate.

Images and floor plan can be viewed here.