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Property Spotlight – The First of Adelaide’s Great Mansions


93 Cross Road, Hawthorn, is the oldest of Adelaide’s great mansions; constructed around the late 1880s, the years have been very kind. Its most striking features have been preserved to breath-taking effect, while the most desirable modernities have superseded the obsolete.

Though longevity is no guarantee of quality, this property makes a compelling case. As the eldest of Adelaide’s grand mansions, 93 Cross Road epitomises the brilliant dichotomy of old homes – beautiful, archaic elements convey the splendour and charm of heritage, alongside modernities that ensure comfort and utility. It is a dichotomy ascribed to countless homes – but nowhere is it done better than here.

The first impression of the home combines tessellated tiles and intricate ironwork with a modern monochromatic paint job, which puts 93 Cross Road in pleasing contrast with the 2,300 square metres of landscaped gardens surrounding it. This grand beginning and the visible two storeys create lofted expectations for the interior, which are not disappointed.

A spacious, tall hallway leads a visitor to equally spacious rooms which combine lavish old with crisp new. Period features such as decorative ceiling roses, original Australian Cedar handrail along the staircase, and that most desirable period feature – several attractive open fireplaces sit alongside such modernities contemporary Jag kitchen’s modern appliances and an amalgam of stone, marble and black granite.

The four bathrooms are adorned with vanities and frameless showers. The five bedrooms boast built in robes and several of the lauded period fireplaces. Several spacious living areas, floor-to-ceiling bookshelves adding that final bit of grandeur, fill out the home.

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Outside, the perfect cooperation of old and new is simple and effective. The aforementioned extensive Victorian-style gardens surround a wide pool and tennis court, form and function sitting snugly alongside each other.

The quality of this home can be seen in the reluctance of owners to part with ways it. This is the first time 93 Cross Road has been on the market for 25 years, and only a handful of lucky owners precede this.

The price of becoming the next fortunate resident is listed at $2.2 to $2.4 million, provided by Jordan Begley and Peter Brown of Toop & Toop Real Estate. Unless they wish to wait another 25 years, interested parties would be remiss to pass up this rare and excited opportunity.

Images and floor plan for the property can be viewed here.