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Property Spotlight – Immense Colonial Homestead with Modern Overhaul


Sometimes homes can be described as a work in progress, having the potential to transform as per an owner’s needs. This is not one of those times, as 70 Herrmanns Road, Mount Torrens, known as ‘Brandeen’, is filled to the brim with every feature an owner could require.

The groundwork of 1890s architecture has been expanded upon multiple times, each successive renovation enhancing ‘Brandeen’ to another level of sophistication and utility.

From outside, the grand, red-brick structure of the Colonial homestead does not seem to have changed much, set into the hillside like a timeless ruby. Inside, there is a welcome combination of styling that combines the traditional and contemporary, the utilities decidedly modern.

The scale of this property is evident from outside, and such a vast property requires many rooms to fill it. A striking five bedrooms, three bathrooms, four living rooms and two kitchens, with a clean modern decor and soft whites creating a pleasant atmosphere.

Complementing this elegant modernity are traditional elements. Solid stone walls comprise the rooms, ornate open fireplaces pressed up against them. The stone walls stretch up and up, to tall, grand ceilings. A circular cellar sits in the centre of the homestead, putting the final audacious touch on a home bursting with them.

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There is more to ‘Brandeen’ than its stellar styling, however. The first pursuit that will come to mind when the words ‘acreage’ and ‘semi-rural’ are mentioned is agriculture, and ‘Brandeen’ does not disappoint in this regard. Facilities exist suitable for horses, sheep and cattle. Including chicken and cattle holding yards, with extensive storage of implements and rainwater, plus a supply of dam water.

Little touches of luxury provide avenues of recreation – another recent addition is the 12 metre indoor lap pool, as well as a tennis court. When a more sedentary afternoon is desired, there is the sauna and sunken spa, as well as glorious views to observe. A downhill slope lays out miles and miles of rolling green plains, the likes of which armies might clash on in a Peter Jackson film.

‘Brandeen’ is a grand over-achiever of a home, attractive, functional, in a prime-location, and with nary a flaw. It is a must have.

70 Herrmanns Road is on sale for $1.375 to $1.5 million, and is being represented by Angus Campbell of Harcourts Real Estate.

Images and floor plan can be viewed here.