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Prospecting Tool Saves Magain RE Agent 5 Hours & Listed 2 Homes


A service which saves hours upon hours of work and hundreds of dollars is one that many real estate agents would jump on. Hot Drop Marketing provides this opportunity – with such efficiency and effectiveness that this may soon become industry standard.

Craig Thomson, Senior Sales Consultant at Magain Real Estate, used Hot Drop Marketing to create a 50 second message reaching 326 potential clients – and it has already provided results.

Craig Thomson, Magain Real Estate

Through an easy, streamlined process, real estate agents can have personalised messages delivered to hundreds of potential clients’ message banks – achieving a personal touch which can be listened to at the recipient’s convenience.

The Value of Time

Speaking on the effectiveness of this campaign, Craig says that

“I’ve only been using Hotdrop marketing for the last 4 weeks and can credit this service with selling a home for $15,000 more than expected and the service has directly got me 2 new listings.”

“Where this service excels is that it can leverage my time. As a high volume, in demand real estate agent running a team it quickly becomes apparent that time is the most precious commodity.”

Through conventional means, Craig’s 50 second message would need to be said 326 times, amounting to 271 minutes, (4.5 hours) and a minute spent finding the phone number, dialling and waiting to reach the message bank, amounting to another 326 minutes (5.43 hours).

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This does not include the calls which are answered – the agent then trying to win over the recipient at a potentially inconvenient time.

All up, this 10 hours of work, at a hypothetical $25 hourly rate, would cost the real estate agent $250 and 10 hours of productive employees’ time. In comparison, this campaign has reached 326 potential clients at an expense of $55.42, a nominal 17 cents per contact.

Ease of Use

Craig uses this service to inform past and future vendors of real estate news and new listings.

“I simply record a message of say 30-40 seconds, email Sheridan who can then Hot drop the 3000 contacts in my database … This frees my time up to do what I do best which is to negotiate with the homes I currently have offers on.”

For the future of Hot Drop Marketing, Craig is optimistic. “I can see how easily this will be adopted and I’m sure in 1-2 years time it will be the preferred tool for successful agents to use.”

To explore Hot Drop Marketing’s services, call Annette Brennan of Hot Drop Marketing at 0451 677 762 or visit www.hotdropmarketing.com.au