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Queensland overtakes Victoria in interstate migration


Recent data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics has shown that Queensland is now the most popular destination for Australians travelling interstate, overtaking Victoria.

Between March 2017 and March 2018, 24,000 people migrated from interstate, the state’s overall population swelling by 1.7%. Retaining second place, Victoria saw 15,100 interstate migrants.

In terms of interstate migration, Queensland reigned supreme for two decades, this stretch ending four years ago when Victoria inched ahead.

“Before that, Queensland was the biggest gainer for 20 years, excepting a brief period in 2011 when Western Australia overtook it,” said demography director of the Bureau, Anthony Grubb.

“The most common move between states was from New South Wales to Queensland with 52,000 people making the move north. The next most common move was in the opposite direction with 36,900 people moving from Queensland to New South Wales.”

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Aside from being an idyllic symbol of the ideal Australian lifestyle for many, Queensland is experiencing rising employment, standard of living and overall health of economy.

The stable, affordable housing market is in contrast to the troubled real estate market seen in some parts of Australia, particularly New South Wales – it is not difficult to see why Australians are flocking this way.

Source: www.news.com.au