We have reached a mini milestone this month in our Recruits series.

Having launched the series in February, we have now been following the career progression of our young agents for 3 months after our first check-in in early March.

In such a short space of time, they have already made great strides and have come along nicely since the series inception.

We won’t have a clear indication of just how far they have come until the halfway point is met in August, but it is always good to reflect whenever a milestone is met.

Unfortunately, we were only able to check-in with two of the Recruits as Brandon currently travels around Europe for a much-deserved getaway.

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Regardless, we were still able to check-in with Brooke and Sam to see how they have found their first 3 months, and how they have been traveling since the last time we spoke.

Both of them had interesting stories to tell, with Brooke securing an individual listing out North and Sam dealing with a couple of familar faces from the start of his career.

Brooke Smith

My favorite part about this job I’ve discovered is the people that I meet. That might sound cliché but it’s true. You meet some incredible people in this role and it’s such a privilege to be able to assist them to find the right allotment to build their dream home.

The most rewarding aspect of my job is helping first home buyers find their allotment and educating them on the process of buying and building. When you haven’t bought property before, and in particular when you haven’t built before, there are many things that are important to be aware of. I have recently been a first home buyer who is building, and even working in the industry I found the process overwhelming at times. Having been through the process myself, I find I’m better able to advise and assist my clients.

One of the most challenging things I have found is learning to switch off and ensuring to set time aside to recharge. There is the potential to spend every waking minute working on real estate, as there is always something to do – another phone call to make, another email to send, another property to inspect. I find that if I’m not working then I don’t feel productive, and this can lead into working a large portion of my one rostered day off for the week. However, I’m slowly learning to switch off when I leave the office and making sure I’m spending quality time with my family when I have it. I don’t believe you can ever achieve a complete work-life balance, but if you don’t try to secure at least some quality time that excludes work, then you will burn out.

At the start of this year, and the start of my sales career, I set myself a goal to write $80,000 in commission by the end of this financial year. This may sound like a small figure for real estate sales, but keep in mind that the average commission for a block of land is $3,000 and I’m writing only the selling percentage of that (40%), as my Director typically lists the land developments we sell. I was really excited to see recently that I have written just over half of my goal in 4 months. I find it really beneficial to track my progress as it allows me to remain accountable but also pushes me to keep reaching for my goal.

I recently secured an individual land listing in Evanston Gardens which is providing a great experience of the listing side of real estate, rather than just the selling which is my usual focus. Currently I’m averaging 8 sales each month which I’m really happy with, as I’m doing significantly better than I expected I would.

Sam Paton

3 months into The Recruits and I am really enjoying the experience. Having access to more resources and people to bounce ideas off has been great.

The main challenges this year so far have been around listing homes. A lot of people that I thought were coming to the market maybe haven’t and that has reinforced the importance of working hard to prospect for at least 3 hours a day to find new business. With the state of the current market in our area, there really isn’t a lot of stock for people to buy so I’m putting in extra effort to help find prospective vendors new homes.

I have also realised that my “database” is at a good enough size that I don’t need to continually add a lot of volume. It is more important to nurture and stay in touch with the people I already know. When staying in touch, it is important to provide quality information and add value to each contact to develop the relationship. 

My last couple of weeks has been great. April proved to be a really quiet month. I think a couple of public holidays and the onset of cold weather had an effect on business. After doing 54 appraisals and 8 listings in March, I worked equally as hard in April and only achieved 21 appraisals and 4 listings. Properties are still selling quite quickly for good prices so it is important to keep up the consistency with listings.

The highlight of my last fortnight was listing a unit in Glenelg. Not because of the location or the type of property but because it belongs to the first people I ever sold for. It’s nice to know that I am building lasting relationships.

Favorite listing

51 Whyte St Somerton Park

“Hitting the market next month, it’s an absolute stunner.”