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The Recruits cold call training with Odile Faludi


Written by Brendan Simpkins

As much of a hassle as cold calling is, it is a necessary part of an agent’s working week.

Countless hours will be devoted to agents working the phones and sifting through rejection after rejection from prospects until something sticks.

It is an energy-sapping task, but it is key to separating the best agents from the rest of the pack.

That is why we set up our Recruits with Odile Faludi, a cold calling specialist, to help transform the way they do business.

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Odile said she was impressed with The Recruits attitudes towards cold calling, or what she likes to call a “client conversation.”

“All three recruits felt very comfortable to “Cold Call” and believed it was part of the job and a normal part of prospecting,” she said.

“All of them were eager to learn tips on dialogue and scripts and anything that would help them build their business – definitely hungry to learn.

“It was a pleasure to work with them.”

Odile said there was one young agent that stood out from the rest.

“The stand out recruit was Brooke. I found her to be very knowledgeable, eager to learn, very coachable! Don’t get me wrong the guys were great too, but Brooke had a real star quality and I believe she is destined for great things.”

Brooke said Odile’s training has helped her make better connections with her clients, and has developed an interest in cold calling as a result.

“I have noticed that people will stay on the phone for longer and seem to be more open to having a conversation when utilising her training,” she said.

“Odile’s training definitely has made me more interested in cold-calling, she has explained that it is ‘starting conversations’ not cold calling.

“Even though this is simply another way of describing it, the positivity of the title means that I am in a positive mindset when beginning my calls which impacts the conversations I have.”

One of the key takeaways Brooke found from Odile’s training was understanding why she works in the industry, and articulating that to her client.

“Once you understand why you do what you do, it will transcend through your conversations and people will be able to hear it in your voice,” she said

“My phone is my investment for work, and I need to ensure I am making a return on my investment by making calls.”

Brandon, a skilled worker of the phones in his own right, said his training with Odile was a good way to brush up on his skills.

“I have always been a pretty keen Prospector so it hasn’t made me do more calls but makes me want to make it a more dollar productive exercise and get more from it,” he said.

“It was very helpful, I am always making calls so if I can sharpen up my skills in this area it will be very beneficial.”

“It was a good refresher from what I have been taught in the past and also just a few tricks here and there which I can add to my calls.

“I’m applying Odile’s strategies when doing my Cold Calls and working out what works for me.”

Sam said that there was more to cold calling then what meets the eye.

“The meeting with Odile truly opened my eyes to the fact that there is more to cold calling then just picking up the phone and spitting out any words, there is an art and science to it,” he said.

” I realised it is so important to be aware of not just what you are saying, but the way you say it, the speed you say it and the tone you use.”

“She has given me some valuable tools to use to improve my conversations and showed me ways to ensure that my phone call will benefit the person I’m calling.

“I want everyone I call to be glad they received the call.”

Sam said he started changing his technique almost instantly after meeting with Odile.

“The very next call session after our training I stopped saying ‘how are you?’ and instead said ‘I appreciate you taking my call… The reason for my call is to let you know….’,” he said.

“I have also totally simplified the voicemail I leave with people who don’t answer and that has increased the call back rate.”

The Recruits top 3 tips for cold calling

Brooke Smith

Calls: 250           Meetings: 6 vendor/2 prospective/6 contract      Sales: 6

  • When calling first say ‘Hi Mr Client, I appreciate you taking my call’ rather than ‘Hi Mr Client, how are your today?’. It shows more authenticity and sincerity.
  • Punctuate your conversations to ensure that you pause to allow people reflect on what you are telling them.
  • Developing 2-3 strong reasons why a person should continue a conversation with you, work this into your dialogue, and include a ‘hook’ that shows that you’re a knowledgeable advisor and that is important for them to remain in contact with you.

Brandon Pilgrim

Calls:  330              Meetings: 28              Sales: 0

  • Keep asking questions to keep the client talking.
  • Don’t be too enthusiastic as you may come across as putting it on and fake, let them speak.
  • Build the trust as soon as possible on the phone so when it comes to the appointments you are well prepared.

Sam Paton

Calls: 420         Meetings: 10       Listed/sold: 6/3 (inc auction)

  • Add value to every call!
  • Soften your approach. Don’t be forceful or pushy. By doing this you will gain people’s trust.
  • Ask the right questions. Get people to open up.

Odile Faludi is Coming to Adelaide!

If you want to find out what Odile taught The Recruits that improved their cold-calling conversion rates and created conversations (not presentations), here is your chance!

Cold calling can fill your calendar with listing appointments, but only if you know how to move out of the “sales call” mentality and start having crucial conversations.

(Odile will be presenting to the McGrath sales team in Sydney next week, so this is a great opportunity to work with the only “starting customer conversations” specialist in Australia!)

Odile Faludi – Adelaide Workshop

Taking registrations of interest for the 23rd & 24th of May 2017!

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