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The Recruits – First check-in


Written by Brendan Simpkins

It has been two weeks since The Recruits first met their mentors Lindsay Warner and Kym McGuinness and officially launched the series.

We checked in with them to see how they had progressed over the last fortnight and saw positives across the board.

More on that later.

But first, Lindsay commented on the mentality of each of The Recruits after meeting with them for a second time.

Lindsay Warner

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Having met 3 “rising star” recruits just 3 weeks ago and then had just one meeting with them since, there is a general theme running through all their thoughts and that is: “I want to get better at what I do and I know that getting good advice is critical.”

I look forward to being involved over the next 12 months.



Brooke Smith

Calls: 240              Appointments: 10            Sales/Listings: 3/0

Brooke has had a productive fortnight, including getting out of her comfort zone with an established home listing she would not usually get called in for. She has not yet secured the listing but is working alongside the client as they hunt for their next property.

The past two weeks have been positive for me.  I was excited to be called in for an established home appraisal/listing presentation last week. I usually wouldn’t receive established home appraisal opportunities through the office, nor are they generally my focus, however the client only wanted a female agent. It was the first appraisal I have done and whilst I was nervous, I was happy with my level of preparation and was pleased with my presentation. I haven’t yet secured the listing but am also working with the client to assist them in finding their next home for a smooth transition.


Marketing activities that I will be undertaking in the next fortnight will include spending an afternoon visiting builder display homes, meeting with their consultants to build professional relationships and rapport, and providing them our ‘Land Update’ which list our land availability and pricing. I also email this information out to the building consultants we have registered in our database as it is physically impossible to meet with them all in one afternoon. Our office has also recently launched a digital marketing campaign with News Corp for the Samuel Mews in Payneham. We are also about to launch a Facebook campaign and landing page for our new estate, Compass Estate.


As my focus is on selling a range of land estates, the prospecting that I complete is buyer focused. What this will entail for me over the next fortnight will be continuing to contact my database who have previously registered their interest in an estate, working to secure face to face appointments with them, and assisting them to select an allotment that is right for them.

Next fortnight

The next two weeks will see me completing our weekly estate reports for our Developers, meeting with some our Developers as part of our weekly vendor meetings, blocking out 2-3 hours for four days of the week for contacting my database, securing 2-3 contract appointments each week, participating in cold call training, participating in the REA Momentum training, and be located at one our land estate sales suites on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays.

Samuel Paton

Calls: 700           Appointments: 32       Sales/Listings: 2/2

Sam had two properties sell last week including a 3 bedroom home in Oaklands Park which fetched $561,000 at auction, and he also has a handful of listings which are generating interest.

The last two weeks have been challenging. I currently have some great active listings which are providing a base for good conversations with people. My main concern at the moment is not having much to back them up once they are sold. In a market that is full of buyers and not much stock, properties are selling quickly for good prices. I am finding at the moment that most people in my pipeline are wanting to buy before they sell. I think this is because people are worried they won’t be able to find a property once they have sold theirs. It’s interesting to think about because by people not wanting to sell before they buy, they are almost creating the problem of not much stock. In the past two weeks I have tried to pay particular attention to the activities I do rather than the end results. I have been getting in a lot of doors haven’t lost any listings to other agents, but just haven’t found many people ready to sell now. Last week I listed a large family home in my farm area which we will take to auction and last night I listed a stunning home further south.


In the next fortnight my banner will go live on rea.com in Marion. I will continue to do my weekly letterbox drop and also try to maintain a good presence on social media. Other than that, lots of calls, lots of door knocking and lots of A-frames going up around opens and auctions.


Talk to more and more people and also service current clients to ensure they refer us on.

Next fortnight

The next two weeks are chocker block with appraisals. I try to only book appraisals after 2pm. This allows me to get my admin complete by 9am and a solid morning on the phones trying to stay in touch with clients and drum up new business. I want to start to focus on improving my work life balance also. We recently got a puppy and I’m getting married in October so I want to try to spend more time with my family. I am going to try to cut back to only working 6 days a week and also doing more admin (vendor reports, post appraisal reports etc.) at home.

Brandon Pilgrim

Calls: 300              Appointments: 20            Sales/Listings: 0/0

Brandon has been smashing the phones over the last two weeks as he looks to make himself known to the public and get listings off the back of this.

Last two weeks have been very busy, trying to get in front of as many people as possible as I feel this is the best way to get myself known and also get some listings on the books. Currently trying to build my Pipeline to a good size so I can get a lot of business off the back of that instead of fighting for listings with clients I have no relationship with.


Just sold doorknocks, Just listed doorknocks.


Keep doing the calls and doors and keep building my core database which in time will help with my market share and listings in my area.

Next fortnight

I am expecting to have a few listing presentations, Every Tuesday I do a 4 and a half hour prospecting session, Try to get out and do some doorknocks and also keep getting through houses for appraisals.