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The Recruits meet their mentors


Written by Brendan Simpkins

The Recruits met with their mentors for the first time last week as the series officially kicked-off.

Veteran agent Lindsay Warner of Harcourts Brock Williams and Kym McGuinness, South Australian State Manager of realestate.com.au were formally introduced to three participants of the series.

Warner and McGuinness explained their roles and areas of expertise to the Recruits, detailing how their wealth of knowledge of the industry picked up over the years could benefit the young agents in their journey.

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The Recruits were asked what their goals were for the next twelve months and what impact their mentors would have on ensuring they were reached.

Samuel Paton

In 2017 I want to continue to evolve as an agent. I want to continue to work hard and create some momentum and consistency in my business. Through working hard I hope to have the opportunity to sit at as many listing presentations as possible. In 2017 I want to polish my skillset so that my conversion rate improves. I am excited to work with the likes of Lindsay and Kim, experts in their fields, to learn as much as possible and propel my career to the next level. By developing a stronger skill set in listing and negotiating, I aim to provide the best in real estate service to not only my vendors, but buyers and other clients as well.

Brandon Pilgrim

Very excited to get into the selling game and having some great mentors by my side for my first year selling will be a huge help. Lindsay will be a great benefit as he has sold a lot of property and the fact that he has turned over so much means he can help on sharpening up my skills so I can list more properties. Kym will be a massive help as personal profile is a huge part of the business and I need to be able to market myself in the best way possible, this is where Kym comes in. Look forward to working with everyone and having a successful year!

Brooke Smith

My expectation for 2017 is to ensure that I continue to work hard but also develop ways to work smarter, keep an open mind, remain inquisitive, work with integrity, and always be learning. I am eager to work with our mentors Kym and Lindsay. I think it is crucial to always be learning and have appropriate guidance. Whilst I have mentors and guidance through my office, it is always great to have an outside perspective from other professionals in the industry. I am looking forward in particular to the mentoring on digital marketing from Kym, as well as the feedback and insight from Lindsay on securing business in real estate.