We have been following the Recruits progress for a little over two months now.

In that time they have begun to take strides in their respective careers by developing their contact books, getting listings and putting their names out there.

The Recruits have checked-in with us twice in what has been a bit of self-reflection on their part.

But what would someone observing their progress from afar have to say?

Recruits mentor Lindsay Warner touched base with SA Real Estate News to discuss their progress over the last two months.

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SA REN: What has been your impressions of the Recruits so far?

Lindsay Warner: They have been excellent and they are extremely focused.

I like the fact that they are working with their mentors very well, and they seem to be trying tom implement as much stuff as possible without stopping their own personal traits coming through, that is obviously important because they are 3 individuals.

Whatever they take on board has to suit their personality, and they seem to be doing that very well.

SA: What has been your advice to them?

LW: I have been asking them where they are at and then just not trying to give them advice that is going to change the world, it is simply saying ‘we have tried that.’

When they had their cold calling training with Odile Faludi so I asked ‘how did you feel about that?’, ‘what did you put in place?’, ‘have you had any success?’, so it is just reassuring them that it is a good thing to try new things.

But you have got to make sure you maintain your own personality, the main thing is to take on good ideas but do what is good for you.

SA: Have you seen any improvements

LW: It hasn’t really been long enough to do that, they seem pretty switched on already but I haven’t known them long enough because at the end of the day work in what their strike rate is, how many appraisals they get versus how many listings they get.

We really won’t know that for about 3-6 months because they might have a spike for an unknown reason, but it is important to keep measuring their success over the next few months.

SA: What do they need to work on?

LW: I think it is important to plan ahead to do things like measure their KPIs, which is all well and good, but it is important to plan a break.

They have to get a chance to get away and clear their heads and take off-time to reflect on what they have achieved. sometimes

Sometimes people don’t get a chance to reflect and I know from years and years of doing this you have got to take time off to recharge your batteries and then launch into the next stage.

If you don’t have a break between your next sessions, you will get tired very quickly.

SA: Who has been the standout for you?

LW: Sam and Brandon, they are a similar age and similar demographic and they just do huge amounts of numbers – I think that both of them are on par with each other.

Brooke is on a different level because she is coming from a slightly different angle with her real estate career, so she is not as aggressive as the guys as far as doing the numbers because she is in a different sort of space.

But certainly, I think the two boys are neck and neck.