Greg Troughton, REISA CEO, has declared war on agents behaving unprofessionally – specifically targeting those accused of “going behind signboards”.

Late Friday, ahead of the AREC conference, Troughton sent an email out to REISA members asking them to “leave the crap at the border”, slamming the annual event for encouraging what he deemed unprofessional behaviour.

The message was picked up on social media, quickly appearing on agent Facebook groups and prompting spirited discussion among agents about the content of the email and whether AREC was responsible for the behaviour of agents after attending the conference.

In a statement to SA Real Estate News, Troughton said:

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“Listings are tight so desperate measures are in play. Any suggested tick of approval to go behind the sign for example – like seagulls to a chip, a signboard goes up and all of the lazy agents who can’t find their own listings start circling, and worse, potentially putting the unsuspecting vendor in the position of paying two commissions.”

REISA is also looking closely at agent marketing that attempts to deceive consumers about their own sales performance, such as advertising designed to mislead the consumer about which agent or agency was responsible for sales.

“An agent sells a property and another agent starts a marketing campaign that to the unsuspecting eye suggests he/she sold it. Classic exaggeration of services!”

However a clarification and apology was quickly published by Greg’s LinkedIn account on Sunday following industry backlash.

REISA plans to release information regarding their “name & shame” campaign shortly, giving agents examples of behaviour they will deem “unprofessional” or “unethical”.

No details have yet been released on how REISA plans to expose agents accused of failing to meet the organisation’s expectations.