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Real Estate News Group Advertising Guidelines

Advertising Guidelines

  1. SA Real Estate News has the final say on whether advertising content is deemed appropriate and acceptable to the advertising guidelines.
  2. All content must be relevant, timely, appropriate and submitted with best intentions to adhere to the Advertising Guidelines (schedule 2 of the advertising agreement). The content shall be solely to the benefit of SA Real Estate News, the industry & the site’s readers.
  3. The content must be deemed to “add value” to the reader or intended advertising viewers.
  4. The content must not cause offence, mislead, deceive, or be deemed “clickbait”.
  5. The advertiser must not attempt to degrade or discredit SA Real Estate News and it’s content, or the reputations of SA Real Estate News staff, affiliates or readers in any way.
  6. If content is found to be in breach of any of the guidelines, it can and will be removed immediately with or without prior notice, and deemed to be in breach of the advertising agreement. A breach of guidelines is considered a breach of contract by the advertiser with SA Real Estate News, and the advertising agreement can be terminated in writing immediately and without refund.
  7. SA Real Estate News may vary or change the Advertising Guidelines without notice.
  8. Any complaints received about advertising content will be brought to the attention of the advertiser to remedy, however SA Real Estate News reserves the right to take any action it deems deemed necessary to resolve the complaint.