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SA’s Larry the Lobster is still up for grabs after failing to sell


South Australia’s legendary Large Larry the Lobster failed to find a buyer at an auction in Kingston on Friday.

Sellers were hoping to offload the roadside icon for around $300,000.

If that sounds a bit rich for a giant lobster, keep in mind that a prospective buyer would also pick up 4500-square metres of land, a restaurant and an adjoining function centre.

Ben Treloar of Ottoson Parters Real Estate, offered a vendor bid of $300,000 but there were no takers in the crowd of over a 100 people.

However, despite the auction being a bit of non-event, Treloar told The Advertiser that negotiations with two perspective parties for a sale price of $369,000 were ongoing.

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“The two perspective parties are from New South Wales and Victoria and they both saw the business through the national exposure,” he said. “Both plan to move to Kingston (if successful) because they can see the potential of being on the highway with the number of people that stop to photograph Larry.

Larry is located on the Princes Highway at the entrance to Kingston, a tourism and Lobster fishing port, about a 3-hour drive from Adelaide.

According to the listing, Larry is 17 metres high and has just received a $50,000 refurbishment.

The restaurant and function centre is approximately 740 square meters and seats over 200 with around 50 parking spaces.

Larry has been an SA icon for 40 years. Kingston resident Ian Backler, the man behind Larry, had him built in 1979 after seeing a similar tourist complex in the U.S, his sister told ABC News.

“He’d been to America and he saw a tourist complex similar to this and he thought, ‘Oh, I think that would work at Kingston’,” she said.

But Larry isn’t the only Big Thing out there.

Travelling around the country, you might also bump into The Big Apple, Big Banana, Big Crab, Big Chook, Big Kookaburra, Big Pineapple, Big Rocking horse, Big Trout and many, many more.