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Could a Self-Managed Super Fund be the better option for your Superannuation Fund?


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Superannuation schemes are essential to a secure financial future. Self-Managed Super Funds, or SMSFs, provide an unconventional but increasingly popular method for experienced investors to tailor-make their fund.

They represent excellent opportunities in investment for real estate agents, and in investing in property. With the help of a financial advisor such as those at the Financial Advice Centre, even the less experienced investor can make the most of an SMSF.

There are several advantages to Self-Managed Super, the first of these being greater control over the running of the fund. A member decides the methods of investment, for example direct shares or property, allowing them to structure the fund to meet their specific needs.

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Additionally, the member can monitor all of the expenses of running the fund, and evaluate the cost-benefit ratio themselves.

However, just as a SMSF is more advantageous to a member with large superannuation funds, the responsibilities involved require the attention of an experienced investor.

Thankfully, for a member dissuaded somewhat by these, the services of a financial advisor can be provided, such as those of the Financial Advice Centre. A new addition to the Centre, Senior Financial Adviser James Farrelly, specialises in Self-Managed Super Funds. We have spoken to James, and details about him and his services can be found here https://sarealestatenews.com.au/introducing-james-farrelly-best-choice-managing-super/

The above comes in the wake of alterations to superannuation law, as of 1 July 2017, on which the Financial Advice Centre can advise. They have created a guide as to the specific changes that will be made, in which they explain that the new law will “generally affect individuals with relatively high super balances, and will change contributions rules and the tax breaks available in super.”

This guide can be found here https://eread.com.au/amp351029/52767

A more detailed evaluation of the SMSF the Financial Advice Centre provides can be read here.

James and the team at Financial Advice Centre are professionals in assisting real estate agents with managing their finances, and can be reached on 8332 4411 or james@facentre.com.au

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