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“What do South Australian tenants look for in their next home?”


Looking for that next rental property can be a daunting process.  It is a competitive market where many factors need to be considered when trying to decide what is suitable for your lifestyle.  These include the location, cost, property suitability and the application process before being able to take that step as tenants into your next home.

One of the most important factors is LOCATION. This can be a deal breaker for many prospective tenants when factoring in certain requirements and their preferences.

Parks, Playgrounds and Sporting Venues

Recreation provides a timeout with parks and playgrounds for younger members of families to enjoy the outdoors. Sporting venues attract fans and supporters to events. It provides social interaction on all levels with practice to full on games.

Access to public transport

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Public transport could be a necessity for most South Australians when contemplating their next home in the rental market.  Buses, trains, taxis are part of the main stream for getting around. The ease of travelling compared to driving long distances to work every day is considered a bonus if you can get the right location.

Local shopping centre, cafe/restaurant, medical centre and the school

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A central hub for everyday needs within the location of your choice allows access to businesses in the one location and is time efficient with convenience. A priority for couples with children is having a school in the local area.  Shopping centres are a central meeting place and cater for all ages and purposes.

Positioning of the property

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This is important when looking at a rental property and can raise a lot of questions.

Is the dwelling in a high noise area?

Is it on a main road or does it have minimal traffic?

Will it have sufficient off street parking or do I have to park on the street?

Is it in the middle of the street, on a corner or a cul-de-sac?

Is the property in a relatively safe area?

These and many more could affect the way we look at seeing a property along with the other factors which could make this property a potential next home.


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Being near the water is an attraction when it comes to looking at location. Lakes, rivers or creeks can have that calming effect on people’s lives.  But its beaches that are popular for that perfect view and access to a playground of fun.

Have a day out with the family.

Walk the dog or just stroll along the shore.

The sport enthusiast who likes to surf, swim or fish off the jetty, these are some of life’s pleasures we want to be close to.

The CBD is where all the action takes place. Fancy restaurants, nightlife at bars and clubs, having everything you need at your fingertips. Close to major businesses, universities, botanic gardens, museums and other attractions play an important role for those whose interests are focused on the arts, higher education or professional employment.  Suited mainly for individuals and couples, units and apartments provide the accommodation required or a shared house where rooms within the property are available to be part of this lifestyle.

Rural areas are for those that want the quiet lifestyle, away from everything that is fast moving. Spacious, views, fresh air and still have everything that’s needed to provide the essentials in life, in smaller communities and towns with a friendly atmosphere. If you want to slow down and have a lifestyle on a simpler level these locations are great.

The suburbs surrounding the city area is where the majority of South Australians look for their next home. So whether you’re a single occupant seeking shared accommodation, a young professional finding an apartment in the CBD, a couple with children and a pet wanting that house in the suburbs or just looking for a simple lifestyle in the country, then LOCATION will be a key factor in deciding your preference for your next home in the rental market.